Actions speak louder than words

Might be really crap 1st fanfic sorry!!


3. Chapter Three- care to explain?

I stood there kind of bewildered by Liam's sudden change in mood. When he saw Louis he suddenly changed to uhm a moody guy! I sighed as there bell rang snapping me straight away from my thoughts. I walked to my locker and spotted Wirral. She had obviously been crying.


"H-hi" she half heartedly smiled 

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing" she said looking in the mirror of her locker. 

I slammed it shut. "It doesn't look like nothing to me Wirral, what's happened?!"

She sighed and pulled me to the bench. 

"I  need to tell you something."

"Tell away." 

"You know the new guys?" I nodded and she continued. "Louis, we dated."

"And?" I pushed.

"I was getting to that. I don't want to go into details but basically he's a dick."

"Right ok, that tells me a lot." I said rolling my eyes. "But why are you so upset about it?" 

"Because well, I swore at him and swore to myself I would NEVER see him again, but you know here he is."

"He smashed my phone" I said trying to get off the subject. 

"Mhmm, let's see." Wirral sighed. 

I pulled my smashed iPhone out of my pocket. 

"Hmm, tell him, tell him to get you a new phone or you're fining him"

"I cant do that!" 

"Yeah and you're not meant to sleep around when you're in a relationship" she said storming off.

"but wait!" too late she had already gone. Shit. 

I stood up and went to head back to the dorm. Where I walked into see Harry and Rosie snogging each others faces off. I awkwardly coughed. 

"Oh hey" 

"Aren't you meant to be in history?" 

"Meh. I was getting my essay"

"Looks like it."  I laughed raising my eyebrows at Harry and throwing my phone on my bed. 

"HOLY SHIT!" Harry cried picking it up 

"Wow a smashed iPhone, never seen one before?"

"How did you smash it?" 

"Louis"  he froze

"Stay away from him, and please listen." 

"WHY? Give me a simple straight answer please!" 

"He dated Wirral and slept around, he does this with every girl. We all tried to warn Wirral and well she was too 'in love'" Harry said with air quotation marks. 


"Yup" Rosie nodded. 

Did I mention the girls knew the lads from ages ago? And i kind of entered by Rosie's sake when I first came to college and received the nickname newbie by Niall and Zayn. 

"Well Wirral said I should fine him for my phone. Or make him by me a new one" 

"Second one like hell!" They both screamed. 

"Ok I'm going to find him!" I called grabbing my phone and rushing to find him.

"Hey Newbie!" 

"Niall help me find Louis"

"Why are you searching for that dick?" 

"He smashed my phone and I'm making him buy me another one."

"Heh nice one" he smirked

I rolled my eyes and dashed off with Niall. 


"Keep a distance Ni." I warned. 

He nodded 



'Hi, sorry about earlier.'

"Whatever! you owe me a new phone." 

He handed me a box. iPhone 5. 

"Why?" My face softened

"Because I smashed it. I was coming to look for you but then I heard you hang around with Harry and Wir--"

"I know what happened." my face hardened again

"Look I thought she ended it!"

"Urgh whatever. I can't be arsed with any more arguments, I'm Melanie. You can call me Mel, I prefer it"

"Alright Mel, what you got next?"

"Uhm, maths." I groaned.

"Whose class?" 

"Miss Peters" 

"Same, wanna walk?" I shrugged and nodded before looking behind at Niall and nodding for him to leave. He shook his head and then sighed looking annoyed but also concerned. 


"Small talk eh?" I asked as we crossed to the other building.

"Sorry, it's kinda awkward."

"What the fu-- no yeah it is kinda"

He laughed 

"We were broken up honestly"

"Are you a man slag though?" 

He kept quiet, "I sleep around" he sighed 

"So it's true" I mumbled.


"Nothing" I said innocently. 


I texted Niall. "Ok finding lies or truth"

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