Finding hope.

Emmy is 16 whose battling through depression and self harm she's currently making her journey to recovery so she decides to join a institution for young adults that go through mental health. Join her on this journey where she finds love and friendship and even more filled with twists! Read and see :) I know pretty shit blurb but I'm not good at blurbs sorry!


2. Chapter 1- good byes.

Emmy POV

The pale blue skies resembled how I felt inside. It was Monday the day everyone I knew started college, I would of started college too if I wasn't such a fuck up in life cause that's what I am a HUGE FUCK UP. Everything I do or say ruins something good, that's why I don't love anything or say anything because all I seem to do is break people.

*knocks on the door*

Dad: "Emmy? Are you done packing,love?

His voice was fragile and weak it sounded like he cried again just the fact he keeps blaming himself for not realising what I was going through but it wasn't his fault it was mine..

I went to open my wooden door I felt my pit of my stomach filled with butterflies cause I was extremely nervous to see my dad, but I opened it anyway he stood still but looked exhausted from lack of sleep his eyes were red and puffy from crying last night or even today morning, all I wanted to do was give him a hug but I knew if I did he would break down yet again and will regret crying in front of me because my dad was the only person out of both of us that kept things together especially when it came to emotions.

EMMY: "I am now dad, just let me go and put on my boots and grab my coat and then we can leave."

I gave him a fragile smile trying my best to make my point to my dad that I'll be fine, which failed miserably. All I could think of was why did I do these things to myself, And how much I hated myself for it and how could I even break my dads heart he has already been through enough for the past 5 years especially when my mother past away from lung cancer. I missed her and I needed her right now but she's not here... And I suddenly realised how much I hated the word 'cancer'.

I managed to grab my boots and my coat and made my way down the stairs where my Dad and my only best friend Bella was waiting, she had normally olive skin but today she was paler then a ever, her hair was in a messy bun which lacked of effort, she had make up on but even if she didn't wear any she would of still looked beautiful, Because Bella was one of those girls that didn't have to make that much of an effort but still looked great.

BELLA: "Good morning Em, you okay?"

Bella eyes was emerald green that was beautiful to look at, she was wearing a green scarf to keep her neck warm, it brought out Bella's eyes, Bella was the only one that called my 'Em' she once told me because she wanted to be different for others so she started calling me Em.

EMMY: "I'm good Bella, what time are you supposed to be at college?"

BELLA: "at 11:00am so I have plenty of time to get ready because it's only 8!"

She laughed because she knew that I knew she was kinda happy that she had time to get dressed and look great on a first day.

EMMY: "I'm glad you have long time, I bet you look great even if you didn't enough time!"

BELLA: "Oh Em I'm gonna miss you! You always know how to make someone smile on a really shit day!"

Bella came closer to me and hugged me tight and didn't let go for 1 minute, that's when I realised she was hurting the fact that the only person she could talk to about anything and fool around with was about to leave to go to a metal institute clinic and was not gonna be around when needed to have a quick chat about things. Her soft voice was out of breath she was crying on my shoulders she whimpered with pain, I thought she was fine few minutes go and now here she stands crying in my shoulders she wasn't a 16 year old now she looked like a young sister looking for comfort from her older sister.

BELLA: "I won't forget you Em, promise me you'll stay strong for me! Promise me that you'll try your hardest to battle this for me please?"

EMMY: "Bella I must promise me you'll visit me when ever you can okay?"

BELLA: "of course I will!"

This was One out 100 things I loved about Bella because she's always been here for me no matter what and now she's standing here trying her best to say good byes to me and making me promises aswell.

DAD: "Emmy? We have to go now hun, we have to be there at 9am"

Me and Bella broke the hug now and you could see my cheeks flowing down with tears..

EMMY: "okay dad."

My dad grabbed my suitcase that had my clothes and other belongings in, Bella held my hands which mine and her fingers where intertwined together, we stepped out my house still holding strong, I turned around to her an have her one last hug and squeezed her.

EMMY: "I should go now Bella, soon as I get there I'll text you or call you?"

BELLA: "I'll do the same when I get to collage"

DAD: "come on love."

My dad was set and ready to go he was already in the car waiting, mine and Bella's broke from the strong hold we had that's when reality hit me, I loved Bella like a sister and I don't know how I'm gonna stay sane when I get at the institution without her beside my side. I took a one last look at my house and in that one second millions of memories that was made in my house played on my mind.

EMMY: " by the way Bella good luck for you first day at college!"

BELLA: "Thank you Em!.... Oh Em!! Never look back!"

I knew what she meant which was If looked back we both would cry so I kept walking towards my dad's car and I had a tiny little smile on my cheeks, I hopped in into the car at the back where passengers sits and I sat with relief.

The journey to my recovery has just begun.







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