Resisting you.

She doesn't attention seek. He adores attention. She has no friends. He has everyone at his feet. She loved him. He broke her.


5. 5.

"Goodbye" I say as a tear rolls down my face. I really don't want jay to leave... I have nobody, no defence against Richie. 
I wave jay off as her dad drives them down the road, and there goes my one and only friend, my best friend. Gone.

 I stand here alone. Well I'm going Mexico in an hour or two so I'm really exited about that. 

"You ready?" My mum asks walking forward, I nod and we go back to the car, I buckle up and glance over to my suitcases 39 days without Harry, I can't wait! 

"Yup" I say popping the 'p' we drive towards school, I just look at the passing trees and inching closer to the school, I look and notice a familiar car, I can't quite out my finger on it, but it's one that I recognise. 

We pull up to the school and we jump out the car, I look around to see the others all saying goodbye to their parents. 
My mum gets the suitcases out and hands them to sir which puts them onto the coach. 

"Oh hi Anne! Is Harry going?!" That's the car, wait shit that's the car?! No! No! No! Not Harry! I thought I was getting away from him not to be isolated with him! 

"Yeah! Is Lana going?" Anne asks back I show a large smile and nod while my mum again answers for me. 

"Could everyone from eleven M please be on this coach within ten minutes?" The announcer said, that's my trip! Now I wish I was going to Russia, at least then I wouldn't be with Harry! 

"Bye mum love you lots!" I say squeezing her tight, I wish she was coming too, so I wouldn't have to face Harry alone, or Anne! Any mother will do! 

"Bye have fun keep safe and stick with Harry!" She says ensuring I should be with harry this whole time, no I will not! I will stay as far away from him as possible. 

I then release the hug and she lays a soft kiss on my forehead, she then releases me and sends me off to the coach. There I line up waiting for my name to be called. 
Sir starts reading the list as I stare hoping I'm not sitting with Harry, knowing me I am, Lana perry, Harry styles and there's no one with the last name of 'R' or 'Q' it's been that way a few years unfortunately.

"Lana perry. Harry styles" told you. Oh no, well it's only half an hour away so it should be fine! 

I walk through the small line of people and then get on the coach, I sit on the labeled seat for 'Lana perry' I sit at the window seat and get out my iPod and ear plugs.
I see in the corner of my eye a mop of curls, Harry. 

"So looks like you're stuck with me for this one" Harry said smirking, I roll my eyes and turn on some music, vampire weekend. Oxford comma. 

I look out the window to see my mum talking to sir, probably some last checks to see what's gonna happen. 

She then gets back to Anne where they both wave at me and Harry, I smile back and wave as does Harry. 
I don't know why but I'm really looking forward to Mexico even though Harry's here and probably going to kill me. 

"So!" Harry said all happy. Why is he happy, he doesn't deserve happiness! Can I not just listen to music? Apparently not! 

"What?" I question trying not to be cheeky but genuine. 

"Are you excited?" Harry asked still holding a dimpled grin. 

"Yeah" I say smiling, I am I can't lie but honestly if I'm paired with Harry I think I will explode. 

"Well I don't think we will be paired together" Harry said looking back at his phone, hmm like he was reading my mind! 

"Thankfully" I mumble silently under my breath, good he didn't hear that or he would've hit me or something. Should I ask him about last night? Should I? No don't be stupid! 

"Erm Harry? Last night just before I fell asleep you whispered, 'why can't you love me back' why?" I ask with nerves kicking in a little. 
I peer over to see his face turn to shock and embarrassment.

"Oh no reason" he said with a rushed tone, I knew I shouldn't have ask him... Oh well worth an ask anyway, just incase cause you never know right? 
I don't know why but I'm disappointed that he doesn't like me... I don't know why it shouldn't bother me but it does. Do I feel someone for him? Well I do... I always have but I mean do I really feel something for him? 

"Ok" I say normally. 

*8 hours later*

"I can't believe I'm stuck with Harry" I mumble under my breath as I finish unpacking

I walk into the small cabin room that just happens to be joint with Harry's thankfully there's a lock on my side it's a key so I guess it's even better right? As long as I keep the key in the door harry can't get in. 

"You stay out of my room" I call over to Harry as he unpacks, the wooden door is still wide open but I can't be so ignorant as to completely block him out right? 

"You say this now" he winked again! Sheesh. Can't he just leave it at yes, and we can carry on like that. 

"And I will say this later" I say bluntly. I am making sure nothing happens, I will not give in. 

"Yeah yeah" Harry, I wish you could be nice to me again. 

"So party at cabin 19 you coming?" Harry asked shocking me a little, I never get invited to these things. 

"I'm not invited" I say sitting on the soft place blue cotton bed.

"Yes you are, it says Lana and Harry" Harry said showing me the text, why would I be invited? 

"So come!" Harry nagged, I guess a little party couldn't hurt right? 

"Fine, only cause you nagged" I say biting on my tongue while flashing Harry a wink. 

"Yay! Get ready" Harry said happy. He needs to stop being cute now. It's making me happy cause he's happy, no, no Harry you will not be cute. 

So I go into my wardrobe and take out black leather high waisted short-shorts and a white collared top, complete with grey material converse with a double tongue one being red. 

I close and lock the door and chuck off my track suit bottoms and white t-shirt, I then pull up my shorts and pull the no sleeved tuck in shirt. 
I then apply red lip stick and mascara. My eye liner and then tie my converse. 

I open the door on a topless Harry, oh my Jesus Christ, please can you not. 
He then chucks on a white t-shirt and turns to face me. 

"So shall I fuck you now?" He teases I blush a little... 

"No, you will not, ever I will even bet you on it" I say smiling, al though I wouldn't mind it, he looks quite the part. 

"Ok ten I say we will have sex" Harry holds out his hand, I'm gonna take him up on that one. 

"Twenty and I say never" I say shaking his hand. Is should be fun.

"Game on but I think you will find you will be lost of twenty pounds soon" That cheeky fucker! 

"So shall we go?" I ask looking to see its nine. 

"Yes!" Harry said happily before opening the door.

"Don't you want to do your hair and things?" Harry asks confused, but no I don't!

"Nope, it's already straight" I say laughing a little as he locks the door. 

"Well then, lets go!" Harry said as we expose to the out door air, warm! Un like England, cold weather. 

We reach the door of cabin 19, I guess I'm really unsure, as I have no idea who would invite me. 
The door opens to an un familiar figure, brown hair, brown eyes. Big build, I'm really not sure.

"Harry, who is this?" I whisper with a little fear, I'm hoping he knows, cause I have no idea.

"I'm not sure" he replies disappointing my suspicion. I think he sensed my fear as he's found his arm gripped around my waist. 

I shiver out of it as I really don't want anyone getting the wrong impression. 

"Come in!" A female voice says before a blacked out figure walks towards, I can quite make out the face as the dark scene blocks her light. 

So me and Harry enter the unusual dark surroundings. Something tells me we shouldn't be here, others say let go and enjoy yourself.  

"Richie!" Harry calls, no. No. Oh god, now I know why I was invited, so he can smuggle into my pants. I really want to leave. 

"Harry I'm not feeling so good" I say as a wave of sickness ties into my stomach.  I really do not want to be here. 

"It's ok, relax" Harry's blurts with annoyance, but maybe if I just dodge Richie I can actually have a good time? I will try it.

So I walk away into a small living area where lots of people look already waisted and some are dancing others are eating each others mouths.

"Hey" I hear behind me, I turn to see a blonde haired boy, brown eyes and well his accent is not from England. 

"Hey! Are you from a different school?" I ask curious, since well he's not from mine. 

"Yeah, I'm Kyle and you are?" He asks smiling, aw he seems cute, I may like this one. 

"Lana" I reply shaking his hand. Soft, really nice and soft. 

"So you want to go into the kitchen and get a drink?" He asks looking over to a door way with brighter lighting. 

"Yeah" I say releasing a huge sigh, so we head to the bright kitchen taking a couple seconds to get used to the newer lighting. 

"So you here for the school education, the education that means, well not much aha" I ask considering that's why I'm here, I hope so cause he's attractive, I hope he's here with me. 

"Yeah! I'm guessing you've just got here?" American! That's the accent! Argghhh it's so attractive!

"Cool, well yeah I've only just got here" I explain trying to look as happy as possible. 

"Well it's great here as long as you have a great partner who is it?" He asked even though he won't have a clue who Harry is, it's a bit of a stupid question but I guess we need something to get the conversation going.

"This dick called Harry, we hate each other, well it's complicated but I'm not happy to share a cabin with him or be stuck with him" I rant to him taking a lime and vodka shot. 

"Sucks, but you don't know what might just happen! Any way you want to dance?" Kyle asked extending his arm back to the dull lighting in the other room. 

I reply with a light nod and with that he guides us both into the loud music. 
He starts with wrapping his arm around my waist and we begin, I grind a little but not in a slutish way just a good way while pounding my feet up and down to the beat of the music. 

I look over to see if I can spot Harry any where, I scan across the packed place until my eyes lock on a beautiful brunette all over him I don't know why but a giant wave of jealousy raves over me, Harry seems to be enjoying the attention, he looks over to me but I switch my looks so but I keep a fixed look on him through the corner of my eye.

I look up to Kyle placing my hand around his neck, I begin with leaving hot breaths on his neck I look to the corner to see Harry tense up.

Harry's P.O.V 

What if she kisses him? I can't have this happening, I should go over and tell her I'm leaving even though we've only been here a little while, I don't know... I'm jealous, yes! But should I do something? 
I glance over again clenching a little at the actions. 
Before I could realise I'm already there. 

"Lana? I'm leaving" I say as she looks over at me with a giant smirk. Well played Lana, well played. 
0-1 to Lana Perry. She beat me! 

"Well I guess I should come too" Lana said smirking due to her recent victory. 

"Bye" she said with a hint of a feisty tone. Damn this girl is not the normal school girl you tend to find. But I liked it, I guess the chase should be fun. 

Lana practically ran back to the cabin. Shirt I forgot my key, I left it in the side! 

"I'll be two minutes!" I called over to Lana she replied with a short nod and then entered the seemingly warm intimidating home. So I entered the packed house filled with drunk teens. I scanned the area felt my pockets again to feel a sharp prickly, well it's my keys! Oh for fuck sake! So I stroll back out and lightly jog back to the cabin where Lana now rests. 

I quietly open Lana's unlocked the door to see Lana, in her underwear! Lace, nice touch! I stand for a second before opening the door and closing it a little louder again to show that I've made my re-entrance she jumps onto her knees in shock and goes a deep red, cute! 

"Harry! What the fuck?!" She shouts hiding behind the small single bed. 

"I'm sorry! Jesus! No need for the shouting!" I rage back, faking up the cover on my eyes, I really like her arse though. 

"Get the hell out!" She shouts wide eyed and insecure, this girl has problems normally the girl gets turned on and well we have sex, apparently not Lana... 

"Ok! Ok!" I protest walking out of her little room, that was fun. But damn her figure is great. 

So I kick off my shoes and take my shirt off throwing it on the floor, I don't care about the mess, I jump on my bed and turn to my phone to see I have three new messages. 

I see kyrah has her eyes on you mate, you better strike;) 
Hey babe cabin 4. We should... Talk sometime xxx

I'm lonely!:( cabin 8!<3 
Why couldn't I be pared with a girl that would give in easily instead of a fridget, although I'm sure a few have been with her, I mean how can you not resist the body?! 

Yeah, tomorrow. X
Come to mine now! Cabin 13!! X

I'm sure Lana's fast asleep by now, she's like a child I guess, or I may just have to be quiet. 

Lana's P.O.V 

I wonder of Harry's awake? I wonder what he's thinking about? Who am I kidding, I wouldn't be surprised if he's having some 'Harry' time... I would not want to disturb that. 

What's that noise? Has Harry left? 

"Hey I missed you" I hear a slight whisper, I decide to be a nosy little weirdo and press my ear against the door. 

Nothing, hmm. Strange... I away I just heard a girl or something. I must be going insane... 

"Oh Harry" I hear a slight moan, wait... Someone is there! Harry you better not be having sex or I swear to god I will be sick everywhere. 

"Harry" another lustful moan, oh my sweet baby Jesus, is Harry joking me?! What is wrong with this guy? 

"Shh baby be quiet, I have the ugly frog next door" Harry said insulting me. Thanks. Cause that really made me feel good about myself. 

"Ugh I bet she's asleep anyway, haha I wonder how you will put up with that waste of a human" it's Jess, the bitch of the century. I look down at my body I unsatisfied, I worked so hard for them to stop bullying me about that. 

"Yeah, it's gonna be torture I'm so dreading having to spend time with her I hate her she's like the ugliest thing I've ever seen" Harry said making me drop a few tears, I wrap myself up in the un-needed blanket and start to cry, I thought he would've had more respect than this, I guess I thought wrong. 

Ok so right now I hate Harry, aha I'm kidding who could?! Please like and comment what you want to see and blah blah blah aha. 
How are you guys? Good?! Is anyone else taking exams this month? I am:( it's all sad! French speaking exam. Oh dear I'm gonna get a U... Oops! Study! It will pay off I promise<3 






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