Resisting you.

She doesn't attention seek. He adores attention. She has no friends. He has everyone at his feet. She loved him. He broke her.


4. 4.






"Bitch!" Harry cursed punching me, I guess what he said was true I'm worthless. 

He then picked me up by the hair and dragged me into my bathroom. 

"You stay in here until I say so you twat" Harry said before slamming the door shut, leaving me cold, alone and the feeling that I should die.

All I did was ask him one question. All I asked was why did we fall out. He blew up from there, I must've hit a nerve on him, I feel so bad. I'm just so scared to do anything about it... 
I look over weakly at the clock to see its around seven. I wish Harry wouldn't hurt me... I really wish he wouldn't leave me here to suffer cold and lonely, like no one else wants me, like I'm just a 'thing' here to grot and eventually die before my life even starts like someone wants me dead so they torture my emotions and psychical ability until I give up... 

*four hours later* 

"Wake up" I hear a light soft voice tap on my shoulder, its my loving mother. 

"Harry said you fell asleep in here and didn't want to wake you" she said as I slowly parted my eyelashes, if only huh? If only I fell asleep in here. 

"Mum how come your not at the dinner?" I asked, since I've probably only been 'sleeping' for about ten minutes. 

"It's quarter past eleven" my mum informs me, I jump at this, I was meant to text Jay at eight! 

"Don't worry! I've spoken to her dad it's fine you can go see her tomorrow" thank god. I thought I was going to have a panic attack! 

"Why don't we watch some movies?" My mothers suggestions are the best, this night could actually turn round! As long as mum never leaves my side. 

"Yeah!" I say jumping up, I ache a little from the beating Harry have me but I hide it well. 

So we enter the movie room where Harry seems to already be sitting in. 

"Lets watch grown ups!" I happily request my favourite film of all time. 

"How many times have we watched this? You know every single line!!" Mum pit rates, but honestly it is awesome, I love it and so should everyone else! 

"Every time I get ill and every time we have a movie night" I say honestly. It's true every time we have a movie night we watch this. 

"Grown ups is an awesome film!" Wait did Harry actually sound happy? Like genuinely happy? Well this is a first. 

"It is!" I agree, I may as well act like I like him even though I despise him. 

"So grown ups it is I guess" my mum said releasing a sigh, I know that she secretly wants to watch it she just needs an excuse, that excuse being me. 

So mum out the movie in the box and we sat down in the movie room, unfortunately I have to sit next to Harry. 

Man I love this film I could quote it off by heart, but apparently that gets annoying. 
I don't see the problem everyone else does! 

I look over to see Harry smile, he has a nice smile, he should smile more often maybe then he will realise not to be such an elephant and be more if a fairy, wait that probably sounded weird, but it's my brain I can say and do what I like. 

I look back at the screen, but in the corner of my eyes I can feel something burning into me, it's Harry. He must've noticed me staring at him, I look over to see my mums already asleep. She should really go bed earlier more often then maybe she won't keep sleeping all the time! 

I flash Harry a quick smile and screw my sight back to the film. I'm not really paying attention to it, it's just I can't stop thinking about Harry. I don't know why, it's just something that I feel affectionate about. It's just him, I wish he weren't such a twat then maybe I could like him. 

I feel a long arm sliver around my shoulders, Harry what do you think you're doing? You can't just do this?! 

I shudder hopefully he will interact with my uncomfortable feeling, he just gets tighter. This guy has problems, I swear, I smile at him and he gets the wrong impression? He just tightens and rests his chin on my head, why? Why? Why? 

The film ends and Harry still feels the need to have his arms wrapped around me... Does he have a mental illness... Is he bipolar? I don't know but why is he being nice?! 
I shudder him off of me and walk to my room leaving Harry still in the movie room. Hopefully he stays there. 

I slip off my shorts and t-shirt and folded them into squares before putting them into the Landry ranch. 

"Do you always look like that?" A saucy voice said taking me into shock 

"Shit! Harry get the fuck out!" I scream whilst trying to cover up my black lace underwear. That pervert! 

"But I like you like that" Harry said walking closer whilst I grab my pyjamas. 

"No. Harry we are not having sex" I state clear, I hope he got the message too, it's not happening! 

He grabs my bare waist and pulls me into him, I enjoy the attention for a second before pulling from him again.

"No, I will not let you seduce me" I say walking off, by now I don't care if he sees me, he's already checked out my body so what's the point in hiding?

"Worth the try!" Harry faintly shouts as I get into the bathroom where I pull my short sleeved top over my head and raises the shorts to fit.

I then get out of the bathroom to see Harry undressing, I take this time to check out his muscled up torso... I drool as I zone out to fantasise over his body. 

"Oh how the tables have turned" oh shit! He caught me staring! 

"Oh shut up" I snap while jumping into bed, wait why is harry getting into this bed? Why not the one just over there? 

"Harry what are you doing?" I ask while pointing to the other bed, he glances over and smirks. 

"Look, we won't have sex or anything, besides you know you want to" argh he's such an attractive dick sometimes you know? 

I just ignore him and curl up into my bed, some how he just carries on his actions. 
He pushes an arm around my waist and pulls me in, since I'm so sleepy I can't be bothered to retaliate, I place my arm over his and close my eyes. 

"Why can't you love me back?" I hear a whisper into my ears, what does he mean? He doesn't love me? He beats me and tries to slime his way into my bed. 

I just shake it off and carry on with my sleep. 

A short chapter I know, but I apologise! I will update onwards but does harry actually love this chick? Hmmmmmmmmm like and comment? Pllleeeeaaasseeee it means so much I promise it will pay off! I will update tomorrow if I get another two likes;) love you guys! I have 24 reads! Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!


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