Resisting you.

She doesn't attention seek. He adores attention. She has no friends. He has everyone at his feet. She loved him. He broke her.


2. 2.


Again, walking to school. I feel myself start to shake as I run past Harry's house, then I slowed down in order to let me catch my breath in time to run past all the creepy ally ways. 

So I begin running, past his street, past the creepy ally way. 

I carry on running. When I feel myself stumble I slow down. 
It's Harry, he held his foot out. 

"Harry not today" I say walking past him. 

"No, tonight" Harry said slapping me. Fuck sake what's his problem?! 

"What do you mean?" I question. Tonight?! Is this boy crazy I won't see him tonight. 

"You're coming to mine" Harry said. Shit not another one, I will plead my mum to let me stay home. I will even 'fall' just so I can stay home. 

"Argh please just fuck off" I say snapping. Something I shouldn't of done. 

And he raises his hand and swipes it across my face before punching my ribs, I, double over and wince in pain a throb takes over my body. 

"Don't ever speak to me like that again. And well if I were you I'd start birth control pills" Harry said leaving me on the floor to cry. But I'm not going to, I'm gonna get up and carry on walking. I'm not letting this prick get to me. 

So I keep walking to school the normal way I do. 
I get there to see Richie. 

"Hello sugar" he said sending the bad chills down my back. He then grabs my waist and pulls me closer. 

"Let go of me" I command before shaking off his grip. 

"But baby I want you to remove a few layers and let me see those boobs of yours that I want" again creep that won't leave me alone.

"Stop!" I shout. I hate this guy so much. 

So I struggle from his grip and run into school. 

I get to my locker and seen Jay standing there with makeup?! This doesn't seem right, she never wears makeup. 

"What's with the makeup?" I ask smiling. Just incase she genuinely wanted to wear some, which I highly doubt. 

"I wanted to cover up the bruise" she said not too convincing but I guess I'm gonna go along with her new theory. And her hairs down? Weird... Hmm I don't know. 

"Well you don't need to hide your natural beauty" I say lifting her chin. 

She just looked back down and trailed off. 

*ten hours later* 

So we're here outside his door, I look down at my white sleeveless shirt that has strips going long ways,I heard it makes you look taller or something I glance down, black again high waisted shorts as last night, accompanied by baby blue vans. 

"Hello,Sarah, Lana come in, Harry's up in his room , he said he's been exited to see you" the last part has struck me like lightening. Harry's exited to see me? Really? Now I want to run away. Back home and lock myself in my room and talk to jay. Please? 

I look at my mum to see if she reads my thoughts. 

"Go on then!" No mum that is not the thing to say in a happy voice! At all. 

So I run upstairs, I get to Harry's door, maybe if I just sit outside of his room until we leave it could be better? Just sit here, good plan! 

So I slid my back against his door and open up my phone. 

From, Jay. X

Hey I can't believe I leave in two days :( I will miss you lots! X

Oh yeah, she leaves on two days sad face, no friends! Fantastic! 

To, Jay. X

I know I'm so sad! I wish you didn't have to go!! X

I really wish she didn't though. 
I feel my face drop into a silent sob as I think to myself that everyone's beginning to leave me! 

I jolt back as the door is released backwards, I look up to see twat of the year glaring down on me. Shit, I am fucked. My plan just went into a dustbin and burned down to ash. Which is exactly what I'm feeling right now. 

"Get in now" Harry aggressively whispered through gritted teeth, wow calm down Harry! 

So I jumped up and paced into his room, Harry following behind, shutting the door. 

"So, it's time" Harry said smirking, what does he want of me! Just let me go! 

"H-h-h-h-h-h-h-arry, no" I stuttered?! Don't let fear take over yourself Lana! Argh how many times?! How many times have I told you?! Stop getting scared! 

"Stutter much? I know you want me why can't you just admit it?" Harry said in an  mocking tone, but he's so wrong, I really don't want Harry even if all the girls do. 

"No" I shyly reply, it's the truth there is nothing I want more than for Harry to just leave me to my normal self. 

He then grabbed my waist to pull me forward into his arms I try and struggle but his patronising grip is too much for me to handle. 

"Dinner!" The shout of glory! I push from Harry's now loosened grip and run downstairs. 

Thank you food! I praise to myself. 

So I sit opposite my mum. I look down at the food and thank each and every piece for making me escape the torture of Harry. 

I see Harry making his way down, a few glares to my brown eyes I just brush them off and smile to my mum. 

Harry makes his way to the table smirks and decides to hold the title of twat of the century and sits next to me, why does he feel the need? Honestly? Why?! 

I feel a hand on my thigh. I look to Harry quickly to find a small smirk on his face. What does he think he's playing at?!

I move his hand down. But it still doesn't stop him from whatever he's attempting to accomplish here. Which I hope is nothing. It better be nothing. I battle with him to try and get him to fuck off. Nothing seems to be working here at all. I try moving his hand down again but he just snakes back up. 

I finish my food first so I indicate this to my mum which I hope picked up on it. 

"You can go back up to Harry's room if you want" thank you Anne for being here picking up on my needs! 

"Ok" I say before Harry jumps his grip from my thigh so I can move. 

I sprint upstairs and wait on the top one, cause I'm so curious I listen in, I need to stop that...

"So you and Lana get on well yeah?" Why mum why? I hate him so much! 

"Yeah" Harry said I can feel his smirk burn into my brain. Lies! 

"He never stops talking about her" he never stops... Wait what?! Does he not?! Why? He takes no interest in me other than suffering me to death. 

"Mum!" Harry said, faking the whole nice thing I see where it all comes from. 

"He said he always tries to catch her attention at school" this is so shocking, he never pays attention to me at school other than after or before, and it's the completely wrong attention anyone's intending here. 

"Aww Harry really?" Mum stop asking questions he's lying to you! 

"Yeah" Harry said then chuckling, is he embarrassed? Is Harry styles actually embarrassed?! But why? 

"Well he told me, that he likes her" Harry? Liking me? Lies. Lies. If he likes me so much then why would he hurt me so bad? 

"Yeah I do, but since we were like thirteen we haven't really spoken, cause we fell out, but now I really like her and I'm trying to get to know her again" Harry said no! That's it stop with the lies! 

"Harry that's so sweet! Why don't you come over for the weekend!" Mum no! That's not what you say! 

"Harry you should go! Yeah that's really kind of you" no! That's not how you answer! 

"Good! Then it's settled this weekend you can stay at mine, we have a few business plans, so it will give you some time together" mum what is wrong with you?! No! No! No! 

"awesome! Thank you!  I'm gonna go up and see Lana" Harry said alarming me so I tip toe up and walk in and sit on his bed, innocently. 

"You took ages" I say covering up the fact that I heard the whole thing. 

"Good news" Harry said smirking, I know exactly what he's gonna say. That my mums letting him stay at mine. Well I will protest against it! 

"You will leave me alone?" I reply trying to sound innocent. But I know that's never gonna happen. 

"Better" Harry said actually smiling or once. Again the build up! Annoying! 

"I'm staying at your house this weekend" Harry said *insert shocked face here* 

"No!" I protest this is all my honesty I don't want him to be around me more than he should. 

"Why?" I again question, quietly. I feel like I'm being sent to my death by my own mother! 

"So we can spend time together" Harry said winking, I flinch a little to this of which my cringe level has gone from 0-100000 in like five seconds. 

"Lana lets go!" I hear a shout, belonging to my mother. 

"Bye see you tomorrow" Harry said in a high pitched womanly voice, such a dick. 

I ignored his normal mock and ran down, and I am glad to be leaving! 
Well, this is the second chapter! I hope you enjoyed yeah? Or naah? Please like and comment and demand! Demand on what you want to see! I will be watching.... Hmm ahahaha I'm sorry if that sounded creepy 


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