Resisting you.

She doesn't attention seek. He adores attention. She has no friends. He has everyone at his feet. She loved him. He broke her.


1. 1.

So I walk to school everyday. And everyday I hide. Why? Cause if I don't I will get to school with a black eye. 

I always try to go extra early so I miss the twat of the century. 
Harry Styles. Such a dick, always punching girls. Thinking its cool to call me names, seriously why can't he just leave me alone?! 

So I'm halfway there. Good no trouble, wait now I have to walk past Harry's home. Run? Hood up! Good idea. 
So I place my red hood over my head and start to run. Run as far down the street as fast as I can. Now I'm getting out of breath. Phew that was hard. 
So I lean against the wooden fence by the ally way. 

"Lana, why did you think you could run away from me? I'm one step ahead from you, so I guess I win" shit. It's Harry. Why does he have to be such a prick? 

"So that earns me another extra kicking?" Harry also said, I'm too frozen to say anything else. Too isolated in fear. 

"N-n-n-o, please don't hurt me" that's it? That's all you can say? Wy can't I just run?   Why am I so timid? Why can't you just punch him in the balls and run or something? 

"Too late" Harry said, not a good thing to say. He's gonna hurt me. I can feel this coming at me like a ton of bricks. 

He clenches his fist and I cover myself up. Hoping he doesn't give me a black eye or something. 

He then raises it to come in contact with my ribs. 
Then my head. 
Then I just feel myself drag to a final collapse. I can't deal with this anymore. I wish that he would just kill me already. 

"Same time tomorrow? Or earlier?" Harry smirked evilly. I wish I could put him here. See how he likes being tortured every day? 

So I wait until Harry's out of sight before I get up and carry on my awful pain filled journey to school.

Walking, stumbling, blurry. I put on my glasses, to cover up some bruises, I have contacts I wear those at home. I prefer to stay me at school, I don't want to change apart from the whole Harry beating me up thing, yeah I would love that to change. 

I reach school, I fix my jumper and look at my hands to see blood dripping on them. I rush to the mirrors in the toilet to fix my hair I put it down, I hope it covers the blood that seems to be gushing from my hair line. I press some wipes to the cut. 

I walk out looking down walking towards the small lockers, which I shall put my bags in to hold for the day. I look around to see if I can see my friend anywhere, but she's shy, so I wouldn't be surprised if she's already near me, she's good with disguising her face. Like me. 

I shove my bag into my locker once more pressing another wipe to my hair line. 

"Lana" I hear a small whisper. It's jay, I thought she would be here soon anyway. 
I turn to shock as I see a bruise on her cheek. What the hell happened?! Wait why a, I saying this in my mind?

"What the hell happened to you?!" I shout loud, not as loud for people to really get a clear understanding of what I'm cursing but enough to make Jay flinch.

"I fell into a poll" she replied alarmed, she can't lie to me, someone's done this to her, I'm gonna find out who! 

"No Jay, who did this, I promise I won't tell anyone" I say looking at her black and blue cheek. Fuck! She's all messed up! 

"Ok, I was walking to school and this man wanted my bag I said no, so he punched me and ran off" she said looking down, why could someone do this to her? She doesn't even convince me, but she sounds shaken up so I guess that's what happened. 

"I'm sorry, I should've met you by the ally" I say full of regret. I should've been there for her. I should've helped her. Not this I should've dodged Harry to help her. Fuck! 

"Listen it doesn't matter. I'm moving soon remember" she said trying to swipe this away. I still can't get over that Jay's actually leaving, my best friend, only friend leaving, it doesn't add up. 

"I know, I'm still sorry this happened" I say looking right into the bruise, how could someone be such a twat to do this to her? 

"Well I've gotta go, I have to go lesson starts soon, keep your head down" I say just incase she is getting bullied, she could do with that advice. 

*seven hours later*

I hate the walk home, I'm always afraid that Harry's gonna jump me or something. 

I run down the ally's and the streets to get home. I get to my door and sigh. 
I enter to see my mum laying on the couch. Bloodshot eyes, and sniffling uncontrollably. I know it's hard. Too hard for her, but that's how this life fucks everything up for me. 

"Look Lana, you know that we're having people over and things, the usual. But there's a boy coming over, I would like you to become friends with him. We will be spending lots of time with this family from now on, so I would love you to at least make an effort ok?" My mum explained, I know I will make an effort for her. 

"Ok" I say before reaching into a hug with her. I know she's in need for one. So I pull from our embrace and shoot a nice smile to her, she looks at me concerned. 

"Your head?" She points to my cut. Shit. I forgot about that. 

"Oh yeah in science I accidentally smashed some glass and it cut my head, but don't worry I'm fine!" I say, but I hate this lie, I wish I could cry it all out to her. But I shouldn't and I won't. 

"Clumsy aha well you go up and get cleaned up and wear something nice, but its warm today so wear shorts" shorts? Oh well I best make her happy. 

"Ok" I simply replied before making my way upstairs and jumping into the shower. 

I turn it on and jump into the shower and let the droplets fall onto my skin rolling down before hitting the floor. 

I wash my hair and condition it, before I know it it's already six. So I step out and wrap a towel  around my hair and dry my body before opening my wardrobe and looking through what I have, obvious underwear, black and red matching, some blue high waisted shorts with a red t-shirt that tucks in nicely, I take my hair down and brush through it. I let it go naturally curly unlike school where I straighten it. 

I look at my alarm clock to see its half past six already, I jump onto my laptop and go online to check out this weeks top 40 tunes. 

*knock knock* 

"Hello? May I come in?" I hear an polite familiar voice, where do I know this soft voice from? 

"Who is it?" I ask in a polite voice back, nothing to what I speak like at school.

"Oh I'm here for our mothers business meeting" hmm he sounds kind. I'm already picturing a smile on this question mark person. 

"Ok come in" I say glancing down at my laptop shutting it down as I hear a door open. 
It must be him.

"Oh my god" I hear I flinch a little before realising that the voice I heard. Belonged to, to Harry. 

"Get the fuck away from me" I curse towards him jumping up and sliding backwards in fear. 

"Well this could be fu-" 

"Harry, Lana Come down here" my mum saved me! Thanks for cutting harry off! 

So I get up and pace past Harry and run downstairs and slow down when my mum seen me. I'm now safe. Well followed by Harry of course. 

"I would like you to show Harry around" no, not the words I was expecting to hear! 
I look at my mum silently pleading for her to change her mind. 

"Ok" I say I wish I could protest but his mother seems so nice I don't want to be rude, since we've had her round here before. 

So I walk into the hall and begin the 'tour' 

"In here is the toilet for downstairs" I say pointing to a door, as we distance ourselves from the room I feel more scared. 

I walk through another door leading to the kitchen. 

"Kitchen" I simply say. 

I walk out the door down the glass hall which views the back garden. 

"Where are we going?" Harry asks looking out the window. 

"Well in here is the pool, in that room is the sauna, in the room next to it is the hot tub" I say pointing to each room as we further explore the area. 

We walk back tracing the steps we previously took and get to the room my mum and Harry's mum are currently sitting in.

"Lana!? After you can go hang in your room" my mum said again not the words I want to hear. 

We walk upstairs to the rooms. 

"Bathroom, mums room, music room, game room and my room" I say pointing again. 

"You're rich" Harry said, why does he have to speak? Why is he here?! 

So we go back into my room and Harry closes the door behind him. 

"Well now this is where the fun begins" wait what does that mean? Is he going to hurt me? 

I start running to my bathroom. 

"No" Harry said taking grip of my wrist. He pulls me back. 

"What Harry?" I question annoyed. 
I pull out of his grip and look to see my wrist is all red from where my bracelets have dug into me. 

"Are you a virgin?" He asks smirking. Why is he asking me this? I'm not. But that's not my fault.

"No. Why?" I reply sternly but annoyed. Why does he want to know this information? 

"Good" Harry said edging himself closer to me again. What? What's he going on about? 

"Why" I say through gritted teeth. Why the fuck does he want to know my virginity status? 

"Cause this is where the fun starts" Harry said grabbing my waist with both hands and lunging me towards him. I am not having sex with him. Not now, not ever.

"Harry no" I command attempting to pull from his grip. 

"I know you want this, I know you want me" Harry said. Not true. Not true at all. 

"No Harry I don't, stop this madness" I insist. Why is he such a twat? 

"Fine, but I know you want to" Harry said arching his eyebrow. 

"Harry? We're going now!" I heard a kind voice, someone obviously heard my cries! 

"Bye, see you tomorrow" Harry said whilst making an exit from my room. 

I don't answer back. A prick like him doesn't deserve an answer back.
Soooo yes this is the first chapter I hope you enjoyed it! Like! Favourite, comment on what you want to see yeah yeah yeah.... I will take your ideas and use them if you want me tooooooooo!:) 





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