Boy Meets Boy

This story is based mainly on my past, which is all true and has happened.

My Name is Leon zane,
I am a gay teenager in today's homophobic society, I didn't choose to be gay, what is it really like to be gay?


3. The Meetup

It's the day of the meetup

"Mum I will be home by 6" I shouted up the stairs "okay but make sure you're not late or you can't go out tomorrow!" Mum shouted, I asked my mum if I could go out the day after because I wanted to keep my dates open because you never know what could happen.

I left my house at 10 in the morning, I agreed that I would be meeting up with Dylan at London victoira at 11. As I was walking towards my train station I realised that I was seeing someone for the first time who genuinely wants to meet up with me so I had to make an impression.

Throughout the whole journey I was so paranoid of what I looked like and what he would eventually think off me, because whatever I do could either bring this all together or just ruin this all completely.

I walked out of my train wondering where abouts he would be in Victoria, I hear my phone ringing, and I pick up to the sound of Dylan's voice "I can see you" he said in a funny tone "where are you!" I demanded "look behind you" he said I turned around to the most perfect looking human I have ever seen, he looks even better than his pictures I was thinking. he ran over to me and kissed me on the cheek, "sorry I couldn't resist you're too cute" he said, I didn't know how to respond, so I kinda just stared into his eyes for a while. he slowly moves closer to my lips getting ready to kiss me, but me being a tease I stopped half way "we better get to the meet then" I said as I winked, he bit his lip and followed me into the platform. "So what you doing tomorrow" he asked "oh nothing yknow just gonna have another boring day" I replied "you should come round to mine, I know I've only been talking to you for a few weeks now but yeah" he said, "I'll give you my answer after the meet" I said as I winked.

5hours later

"Yes" I whispered into his ear "wait what" he replied "I'll see you Tomorrow at 11"i said "it's a date" 



thankyou for reading this so far! i dont know where im going to go with this but lets hope its good.

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