Boy Meets Boy

This story is based mainly on my past, which is all true and has happened.

My Name is Leon zane,
I am a gay teenager in today's homophobic society, I didn't choose to be gay, what is it really like to be gay?


11. The Meet

Now kye has never been to a meetup before, he has never even heard of one before, now the problem with meets is that it can get a little crazy at times even though I still love them, we went to one called jubilee gardens which was at jubilee, now with meets you get a lot of fights a lot mainly because you’re putting so many different type of people into a park.

You probably think a meet is like an official event but its not, its legit just a Facebook event page no money or permit or anything and just a bunch of people meeting in a park getting to know more people, meets are great to meet people but also great to fall out with people, and that’s what I needed to warn kye about.

I arrived at waterloo, I called kye:

Me: hey I just arrived where are you?

Kye: im infront of the whsmith

Me: awh ok Im like 30 seconds away.

I hung up and started walking to whsmith. Now I can never really explain first meetings because its always too awkward and cringe to explain. So long sorry short it was awkward for an hour and then we actually went to the meetup.

Now I knew my ex will be there which was bad. Well not even just one ex 2, but I was fine with one of them, now my ex sam was there, he is vial as I think I have explained in my previous pages, but yeah he kept giving me and him dirty looks, he even walked up to kye and asked him why is he here and who is he, like seriously who the fuck does he think he is asking who my boyfriend is. And yes if I have not already explained I got with kye on the day and were officially together.

Now when it was about 6 kye took me all the way home which I thought was cute but he had to leave at the station in case my parents where around. Either way the day was pretty good and im sorry for any inappropriate ranting 

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