Boy Meets Boy

This story is based mainly on my past, which is all true and has happened.

My Name is Leon zane,
I am a gay teenager in today's homophobic society, I didn't choose to be gay, what is it really like to be gay?


6. The Airport

~~ I got home and i couldn’t stop thinking about Dylan and how perfect everything was, I messaged him straight away telling him I’d miss him while I was on holiday which then he kept replying with that we will be together officially after when I actually come back from my holiday and that I was beautiful. Now I told him the day before that I wouldn’t have internet while I was on holiday, I was going to this island called madeira with my umm and my baby sister my dad couldn’t come with us mainly because he has to run his shop which he owns, but he seemed upset and I told him I’d try and find an internet cafe. The thing is I didn’t even want to go on holiday for 5 weeks like that took up my whole holiday and I hated it. I called him just before I was going to the airport I told him I had to go because I didn’t want to waste my iPhone battery because I would be on a 3 hour plane journey. The thing is I hate planes like I know it would be the only way to get to the island but I honestly can’t stay entertained on them, But this time I had Dylan to think about and I did have my laptop so I did get to watch some TV shows I have downloaded the day before. When was at the airport well we obviously did the usual, get everything ready and get your suitcase, the main thing I was scared about is my septum piercing, now I haven’t mentioned the piercing mainly because I hide it, if you bare wondering how on earth you hide it, you flip it up, it’s pretty easy, but yeah I did it myself so my mum doesn’t actually know anything about it, sand I was scared it was going to go off on the magnet thing, but I found a shop before we went in through to the other side where they had a plastic retainer for it, and it all turned out fine!




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