Boy Meets Boy

This story is based mainly on my past, which is all true and has happened.

My Name is Leon zane,
I am a gay teenager in today's homophobic society, I didn't choose to be gay, what is it really like to be gay?


10. London

So it’s the last day of the summer holiday in madeira, and it was finely time for me to go home.

We got home at about 7pm in London which then we got home and like my dad said, that everything is in place in the same place where everything was in my room which was true. I messaged kye on the way home and I realised how fast my internet is compared to Madeira.

Now I had to get ready and find out what I’m doing the next day which was the meet up so I got up google maps and started planning my train, I would meet kye and his friends at waterloo station at 10.

When I got home I called kye:

Me: are you excited to meet me hehe (now I do this cute little giggle thing when i talk sometimes *his words not mine*)

Kye: of course I am oh my god, im going to finely meet you!

Me: don’t expect too much of me now

Kye: what do you mean?

Me: well don’t expect me to look as perfect as my profile picture or anything because im really not.

Kye: I’ve seen you on Skype silly; you’re beautiful and perfect so shut up.

Now at this point I had to go because it was getting late and I knew if I wanted to wake up on time not feeling like death id have to go to bed earlier than usual.


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