Boy Meets Boy

This story is based mainly on my past, which is all true and has happened.

My Name is Leon zane,
I am a gay teenager in today's homophobic society, I didn't choose to be gay, what is it really like to be gay?


8. Facebook

One night I was at the internet café talking to Felix (Felix was just a friend then, we went out for a bit which was recently which now we are very close friends) now Felix was messaging me about Dylan and like I knew there was something wrong and he told me to go check Dylan’s Facebook, now I was obviously paranoid because In a public place talking about a boyfriend to be, which then I looked.

His Facebook cover photo was of him and this boy kissing which I found odd, and I scrolled down his page and I see he has a boyfriend!, I started feeling like I was about to cry which I held back, I was wrecked after this point, I didn’t know how to react,.

Felix told me I can find a better person than Dylan and he was just a mistake I would get over, Felix told me to go on this website called snog just for fun, if you don’t know what snog is, its basically this web app where you snog marry or avoid people, it’s great fun way to meet new people.

And I’m pretty sure you can guess what happens on the way.

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