Daughter of a superstar

Vanessa is Liam Payne's 15 year old daughter. She is the popular girl at school and has the boyfriend of her dreams. But what happens when her notorious older brother comes back. Will they try to repair their bond? Or let it crumble to dust?


1. Summer Must Come To An End

Vanessa's P.O.V

I stretched out on my bed and groaned as the sunlight came through my curtains. I reluctantly got up and went to put in my slippers, I opened the door and trudged down to the kitchen. "Morning sweetheart" my mom said smiling. "Morning mom, are we doing anything today?" I asked grabbing a juice box. "Your father is taking you to hang out at Harry's house to hang out because him and I have to go to London" he smiled at me. I sighed "ok, I like hanging with Harry" I sad turning on the tv. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, my dad is Liam Payne, from One direction. The biggest boyband in the world.

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