Daughter of a superstar

Vanessa is Liam Payne's 15 year old daughter. She is the popular girl at school and has the boyfriend of her dreams. But what happens when her notorious older brother comes back. Will they try to repair their bond? Or let it crumble to dust?


3. Oh Really?

We arrived at Harry's place, and Dad parked the car in front. I got out and grabbed my backpack, he came around the side of the car and wrapped his arm around my neck. We walked up to the door and he rang the doorbell, Louis opened it and lifted me up into his arms. "How is my favourite niece!" He said twirling me around. "Lou, I'm not a baby anymore!" I said laughing. He put me down and I went to say goodbye to my dad. "Bye daddy, when will you be home?" I asked wrapping my arms around him. "Probably in 3-4 hours." He said kissing my forehead. I nodded and he's headed out. I went over and dat on the couch, Harry walked in the room with just his boxers on. "Harry! For Christ sakes out some pants on!" I yelled falling onto the floor laughing. "Omg! Nessa, when did you get here!" He screamed hiding behind Louis. I laughed even more "like two minutes ago, and ow my lungs hurt so much from laughing!" I giggled out of breath.

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