Daughter of a superstar

Vanessa is Liam Payne's 15 year old daughter. She is the popular girl at school and has the boyfriend of her dreams. But what happens when her notorious older brother comes back. Will they try to repair their bond? Or let it crumble to dust?


2. Hanging Out

I finished up eating my breakfast as my dad walked down the stairs all dressed. "Morning honey, we are going to go to Harry's place so get ready to go" he said wrapping me in a hug. I headed upstairs an went into my room, I changed into my London wolves sweatpants. From my Highschool, and my baby blue PINK sweater, then I grabbed my uggs and put then on and went into the bathroom. I put some eyeliner as mascara on, then added a light touch of pink lipgloss. I walked downstairs and my dad was waiting by the door, "ready to go munchkin?" He asked poking my nose, I laughed "yep".

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