My one and only

Okay so this is my first story ! Yay! Okay so im taking some ideas ive read about. this has mature content ! I would rate it 12+ years ! So this fan fiction is about Niall Horan and it takes place in Ireland . Read more to find out more (:


2. 12:00

I walked up to the door of i-hop to see a blonde haired boy with ocean blue eyes that you could just stare into all day. He looked up from his menu and his jaw dropped. I was wearing a pink half tee with a tie at the end and some super skinny jeans. I wore floral converse and my hair was dark brown at the top and blonde at the bottom (Ombre) my eyes were brown at the time with loads of mascara. everything else was all natural.  He had a big bright smile smacked across his face. he stood up and ran up to me with his arms hide open. I was expecting a Horan Hug nut instead he picked me up slung me over his shoulder and ran out the door. He told me we were going to say hi to the boys and then we could go out to dinner later and eat lunch at their place . We walked out the door when ... he grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight. he didnt let go. i just looked up at him and he let go and said : "oh sorry. this is just how i want6 it to be..." with his cheeks all rosy. "Ni , yes...YES!" i said with joy. "Really?!" he said with shock. I giggled. "Of course"

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