Summer Lover (not famous)

Kyler isn't your average girl. She suffers from depression. Her dad left her, and her mom when she was little so she lives with her mom, who seems to be fine. Her life suddenly gets better when she meets a shy, cute, an lovable boy Harry.


1. Starbucks, and him.

Kyler POV:

It's finally 3:05, and the bell for the end of the day just went off. Last day of school. No more high school. I am finally out of here! Everyone suddenly threw their papers up in the air screaming, "schools out!" I could barley breathe let alone walk out of that classroom it was like a mosh pit in there. I'm happy I'm finally out of that school. There really wasn't anything for me there. Everyone had their high school sweethearts while I had nobody and scars on my arms. My life wasn't perfect I can tell you that. I just want someone to call mine that I love.

-next day-

"Can't believe I survived school yesterday." I laughed and said to my best friend Renee on the phone.

"I know right," she replied, "hey I gotta go talk to you later."

"Bye," I hung up the phone.

-hour later-

"I think I'm gonna go to Starbucks," I yelled to my mom.

"Ok have fun," she said sleeply.

I don't have my license yet, so I walked. I get to Starbucks, I order, and I go to sit down. The cutest guy ever walks in. He ordered the same thing as me, and saw I had it too, so walked up smiled and asked, "can I sit?" I smiled shyly and told him he could.

We just talked about the most random things, and then we both finished 2 cups of coffee. He walked me out, and he found out that I had walked, so he came up to me.

"I can take you home," he said smiling with these deep dimples in his cheeks that are so cute they drive me crazy.

"Oh, yes if you don't mind. I mean you don't have to," I said looking down at the ground.

I hopped in his car he asked me where I live, and he drove me there. Once we pulled up I reached for my purse, and I caught him looking at my wrist.

"Oh no, now I won't ever have a chance.." I thought.

As he open the door to let me out he slips a tiny piece of paper into my unzipped north face jacket pocket. I felt him put it in there but I acted like I didn't. He walks me up to my front door, and I said, "thank you." He just smiles, and waves. I rush inside to my room to look at the paper. I was hoping it was his number. I un crumpled it, and sure enough it was his number. I took my phone out, and then quickly added him to my contacts.

"What was his name again..." I said out loud, "I was so lost in his deep green eyes, curly flowing brown hair, and cute as can be dimples, "Oh yeah! Harry!" Harry Styles. That was a cute name for a cute guy.

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