The diary of a hero from the 1960s

This is an essay I had to make in school, I made it over the picture the problem we all live with. I made a little diary, the black girl’s diary. I hope you will look at it and tell me what you think about it.

"Niggers do not have the right to go to a white school."
Mary used to go to a normal school but now she is being transferred to a whole new school a white school, in her diary she tells us about her last day at her old school and how the new school is. Will it all be good or will it all be hatred?


2. Thanks for reading

Please, please tell me what you think, i wan't to do a good job when i have to present it for my English teacher!

Thanks for reading and remember that this is nothing racism wise, i just thought it was a ecxitting team for my essay :)

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// Lizzi_1

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