Marriage Contract [ON HOLD]

"You may not kiss the bride"

Keira Bright is a talented girl. She's a fashion designer and a supermodel. Not only talented, professionalism also courses through her veins. However, one day, she had to face financial problems caused by her father, who is addicted to gambling and eventually fled - leaving her behind to pay back his depths. That's when she met Harry Styles, the head owner of the most well-known resort throughout the whole world, World Resort Hotel. Harry instantly fell in love with her from the moment he saw her but problem is, she doesn't feel the same way. "Here, I'll help you out with your financial problems, only if you become my bride." Out of desperation, she had no other option. In the end, all she needed to say was, "I do."


5. If It Was True

"Hey honey," Cale greeted Hana as he entered the house. 

      "Where've you been?" she stared at him angrily with her arms folded across her chest. Cale casually placed his suitcase on top of a desk and took off his tie, "I had some business to dealt with," he replied. 

"Business? I don't recall anyone going out late at night to get a lawyer," she scolded.

"I had some paperwork to do!" he snapped his head furiously towards her. Hana was instantly taken aback seeing her enraged husband but she didn't showed any fear; her stoned-face expression remained. 

      They used to be so happy together but things have changed ever since Hana's modelling career boost to the top, she began to emphasize her work more than her marriage. She became busier every single day without realizing Cale's feelings of being 'sidelined'. He expected this marriage would be her main priority but to her, success matters most. She hated losing, she has always wanted the best and only the best; like she always does back in their school years, along with Keira. Her cheerful face expressions are rare to see these days, Cale thought. She wasn't Hana, the girl he fell in love with.. she converted herself into someone new; someone, even Cale no longer recognize. She has grown more sensitive and even more emotional. Their relationship has communication but there was no trust. Cale has always been wanting to settle down and build a family but convincing Hana might take him a longer time. 

He sat down on the bed and sighed.. "I'm sorry I yelled at you. I didn't mean to.." 

"Glad you were sorry," she turned away, avoiding his eyes. Their conversation was going to end soon, so Cale decided to extend it, "I've heard about Keira." When he mentioned Keira's name, she was attracted to converse. Cale knew, by mentioning Keira's name, it would definitely intrigued her because the one and only person she'd never want to lose to was.. Keira. 

"I've met her today by the cafe," she took a seat next to him. 

"You mean, the Sweetheart Cafe? I thought you hated caffeine, especially coffee." 

"They say coffee was good for your skin! I had to try one!" she cried. Cale shook his head in amusement, he was always captivated by his wife's actions. "I heard she has grown pretty famous lately. Her collections are even listed on the Top 5 A-Must-Have-Outfit throughout the whole world. Isn't that amazing?" he continued. 

"Yeah.. amazing," she muttered. 

"Honey, what's wrong?" Cale's face concerned. "I've found out something else about her," she spoke, rubbing her marriage ring. 

"She's married.."

"She's married?" he repeated. "Well, that's great! We should come over and congratulate her."

      "You don't get it!" she snapped and got up on her feet. She began to walk back and forth, her long satin nightgown dragged across the floor with an erratic face expression glued to her face, "It's so unfair!

"What do you mean?"

"She was always the lucky one!" she burst. "It's not fair! Back when we were still best friends, she was always the one admired by the teachers! I've excelled in almost every exam, but she always got the attention! She wasn't as good as me but somehow, to other people, she was great. It doesn't makes sense!" she babbled.

"What's this about? C'mon, that's the past.. We've no other reasons to bob up and down about it anymore," Cale tried to calm her down. "You're as successful as she is. In fact, both of you are talented in your own ways. You don't need to compare yourself to her.."

"But, this time.. she has gotten even more luckier," she stood frozen. "She wasn't married to an ordinary guy. She was married to one of the most well-respected man in the world. She's married to Harry Styles!

"I don't see that as a huge problem," Cale shrugged. 

"He's the owner of the World Resort Hotel! Every girl would be lucky enough to have him.. and Keira's the lucky one!" she explained. Hearing that, Cale rolled his eyes in annoyance. "However..." she continued.   

      "Something smells fishy about them," she narrowed her eyes. "Both of them were obviously famous, then there should be paparazzi's chasing their tails. There should be news to say they were married.. Weren't the magazine editors aware of this?"

"Your point is..?" Cale seemed to be in a daze. 

"Could it be.. that it was just a hoax?"

"Are you saying.. they're faking?

"Yes, exactly!" she snapped her finger.

"Don't be ridiculous, Hana.. You shouldn't be making up stories about them like that!" Cale scolded her. 

"I'm not! Who knows, it might be true!" she cried.

"Stop. I've had enough of this. Keira's your friend.. and she's married to Harr- whatever his name was. So, what's wrong with that? What happened in the past.. stays in the past. I don't care what you have to say, if she respects you, you have to respect her too."

      Cale got onto the bed and forced himself to sleep. Hana remained quiet and watched as Cale slowly drifted into his dreams. She walked towards her handbag, which was placed next to Cale's suitcase on top of the desk and pulled out her cellphone. 

"If it was true, then Keira wouldn't mind me telling some people about it.." she smirked. 

      She text a message and sent it to almost everyone she knew; including Keira's old friends. She even dialed a few numbers to tell them about the news. Everyone's reaction was like,

"Oh my God! Really? That's amazing!"

"You're serious?"

"I should go and congratulate her!"

"This is exciting, I should definite notify my friend and tell her about this!"

      In just one marvelous night, phone calls rang in every part of the city. Each and every one were excessively talking about one thing and one thing only; "Harry Styles secretly married to famous fashion designer, Keira Bright.." It won't take long until the news spread to the media and eventually, the whole wide world.

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