Marriage Contract [ON HOLD]

"You may not kiss the bride"

Keira Bright is a talented girl. She's a fashion designer and a supermodel. Not only talented, professionalism also courses through her veins. However, one day, she had to face financial problems caused by her father, who is addicted to gambling and eventually fled - leaving her behind to pay back his depths. That's when she met Harry Styles, the head owner of the most well-known resort throughout the whole world, World Resort Hotel. Harry instantly fell in love with her from the moment he saw her but problem is, she doesn't feel the same way. "Here, I'll help you out with your financial problems, only if you become my bride." Out of desperation, she had no other option. In the end, all she needed to say was, "I do."


10. Husband & Wife

      A few days later, slowly we've grown accustomed to having one another in each other's side. Everyday, in the evenings, we'd meet at our usual place, the Sweetheart Cafe - the place where it all started. My reputation at work had been growing quite well, everyone thought it was a great improvement. Madam Siliciana, who had just returned from Paris a few days ago brought me a souvenir and yes, she knew about us since she saw us on TV the other day. In the beginning, I was worried that she'd be disappointed that I haven't informed her sooner. She has been trying to contact me for awhile now. "I'm sorry, Madam Siliciana. I didn't thought you'd be back so soon," I said apologetically. She kissed my forehead, "You didn't have to apologize. I'm just glad to see you're finally happy, if your mom was here, she'd feel the same way," she said tenderly. 

Aside from that, ever since the interview, I've been so psych into doing more photo shoots every single day. The clothes I've been promoting, including my own designs - its ratings boost to the top, which was a huge surprise to both me and the others in Kacey's. Harry, on the other hand, caught a bigger fish when he was given an opportunity to advance his premiere hotel. He even checked me in as a special guest whenever I came to visit him at the World Resort Hotel. As expected, nobody came to bother us, none of those news reporters came chasing our tails. 

"Think of a number," Harry glanced at me, the corner of his mouth rose subtly. "Alright then," I kept my eyes locked in his. 

"Add 5," he instructed.


"Then, add 4."


"Subtract with the number you were thinking about in the beginning," he leaned calmly against the chair. "Done," I answered confidently.

"The answer is 9."

I clapped my hands, "Quite interesting," I lowered my voice, "Too bad I already know the secret," I said teasingly. He shook his head and laughed, "Then, why'd you even played along if you knew?" I shrugged, "I didn't thought you'd remember the trick." Both us eyes looked at each other and eventually, laughed. Everything went so well, who would've knew dreams could actually come true? We've forged a bond which was unbreakable. Our relationship kept growing everyday. He was becoming a part of my life, I simply couldn't imagine parting ways when all of this.. ends

I kept reminding myself that this wasn't true. I haven't forgotten about the contract, the deal we've made. His parents aren't around for the moment, so we weren't able to engage with the next step. In the mean time, we had a role to play, as husband and wife. Harry hadn't broke his character, in fact, he seemed to be enjoying it. I'm beginning to develop feelings for him and seeing him, made it difficult for me to push it away. My lips tightened, I looked at him, his warm eyes staring back at me. What's going to happen after this? 

Beep.. beep (phone ringing*). This time, it wasn't my phone vibrating but it was his. He slid his hand into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone. "Excuse me for a second," he politely excused himself. I sat quietly, loyally waiting for his return. A couple minutes later, he came back. He had a solemn face with his lips stretched into a straight line, "I'm sorry but I've to go." I reached for his hand and successfully grabbed his elbow before he left, "Where are you going?" 

"I have something to take care of," he replied without facing me. Slowly, I released my grasp. "Alright then," I nodded. I had to understand that he was a busier person than I am. He had other responsibilities and everyone depended on him. Obviously, he wasn't the type to let them down. I stood up and left. It didn't seemed like he was going to return anytime soon. I clutched the strap of my bag and kept my head low as I walked ahead. The streets were crowded, I had to press my way through the bodies, still keeping my head low. When I finally emerged from the stream of bodies, I accidentally bumped into someone. It was a guy. I kept my glance downward, refusing to meet his eyes, "S-Sorry."

I took a quick glance at him. I suddenly felt captivated by his flint-colored eyes and I couldn't look away. He had an adoring smile, his skin was also lighter and his sand-colored hair was standing up all over his head. "Uh, excuse me," he lightly tapped my shoulder, "Could you tell me where the World Resort Hotel is?" 

"You could just head north from here, take a left turn and head straight afterwards," I replied nervously. "I'd reckon you to take the cab. It'll probably take you awhile if you're intending to walk by foot," I suggested. Before he could've asked any further, I left. "Thank you," he shouted from a distance. 



I sat facing the magazines I threw onto the ground, staring into the sky. I wasn't sure what else to do, normally around this time, I'd be at the cafe sitting next to Harry. However, he called me earlier, informing that he won't be able to see me today. I've wasted a few hours sketching some new designs and even managed to complete the whole sketch along with the colors. These magazines weren't enough to entertain me either.

I jutted my full lower lip in a pout. How else was I going to spend the evening? Suddenly, the door bell rang. I jumped to my feet, I took a peek to see who it was. Jane and.. Hana? I cast a suspicious glance towards them before running towards the main door to welcome them. My fingers fumbled for the knob. As soon as I twisted the doorknob, Jane wrapped her arms around my neck. "Keira!" she greeted cheerfully. Hana took a step forward and shook my hand, "Hello again, Keira." When Jane released me, I politely invited them inside. I shuffled forward, making my way towards the living room and both of them followed. 

"You guys, want some coffee or something to drink?" I asked. They shook their heads, Jane gestured me to take a seat. "You don't need to trouble yourself, Keira. We already had a drink on our way here." I looked at them, puzzled, "Is there something amiss?"

Hana and Jane switched looks, "No, it's nothing. Everything's fine." Something doesn't feel right here. Jane's smile was the most suspicious, like she was hiding something from me. Hana, well, it's hard to predict since she was wearing the same stone-faced expression she wore when I met her by the cafe. "Spit it out, you guys," I lifted an eyebrow.  

"A house-warming party," Jane announced with her eyes flickering with excitement. "A house-warming party? What do you mean?" I asked, still puzzled. Hana interrupted, "Surely you'll have one, won't you? It's pretty common for newlyweds." I should've known this was another part of Hana's devious trick, plus she even had provoked Jane into involving herself. Jane was always easily intrigued, especially when you mentioned the word 'party'. It seemed Hana had recruited a new member of her crew. 

"So, are you going to have one? It's traditional, Keira. You can't ignore it!" she tried convincing me, her eyes were glittering. I was reluctant to reply, I was unsure how it'll turn out. Would Harry be alright with it? Surely it wouldn't hurt to have a little fun. I turned to face them and flashed a smile, "You're right, Jane. I probably should have one." Jane seemed to be delighted while Hana remained silent. Another plan failed for her. I knew she was trying to dig the truth out from both of us. She didn't seemed happy with our marriage, which only meant she didn't believe what she saw with her own two eyes - oh wait, she didn't believed it only because she refused to believe. 

Now, about the house-warming party.. my house isn't that big. Plus, I needed more space in the kitchen to cook. (sigh*) I'm beginning to doubt my decision of  actually having one. I didn't wanted to disappoint Jane, or the others. If this party was a responsibility and everyone was relying on me, I wouldn't let them down. I know Harry would do the same.. by lending me his house.


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