Marriage Contract [ON HOLD]

"You may not kiss the bride"

Keira Bright is a talented girl. She's a fashion designer and a supermodel. Not only talented, professionalism also courses through her veins. However, one day, she had to face financial problems caused by her father, who is addicted to gambling and eventually fled - leaving her behind to pay back his depths. That's when she met Harry Styles, the head owner of the most well-known resort throughout the whole world, World Resort Hotel. Harry instantly fell in love with her from the moment he saw her but problem is, she doesn't feel the same way. "Here, I'll help you out with your financial problems, only if you become my bride." Out of desperation, she had no other option. In the end, all she needed to say was, "I do."


2. Harry Styles♥

      After last night, I couldn't think properly. In fact, I couldn't think of anything at all and because of that, I couldn't get any new ideas for my new design. I groaned in frustration. Now, I'm certain that I'm infuriated. I'm already under too much pressure, how much can I take? Dad, if you were here right now, I'd beat you up. What kind of father who'd let these things to happen to her daughter? You're the worst! I grabbed a pillow, buried my head and scream. I reached for my phone and checked the time. It's already12 o'clock!! Oh my God! I forgot I've a photo shoot today. I was supposed to be in the studio two hours ago! I checked my phone again, I've got 8 missed calls from Kacey, my manager. I'm pretty sure she's pissed off right now; her face expression is already horrifying enough and the thought of her bursting into flames sends shivers down my spine. I should make a reasonable excuse, that way she'll probably forgive me. I punched in her numbers and quickly pressed, "Dial"

      Beep... beep... 


"Uh, hello, Kacey. It's me, Keira."

"Keira!! Where are you? You were supposed to be here two hours ago!" she didn't sound too pleased.

"I know. I'm sorry.. I just.. *cough cough*.."

"Keira? Hey, are you alright?" her tone suddenly changes. 

"I was on my way to the studio but.. *cough*.. I suddenly felt a headache. I couldn't even stop coughing and sneezing.. I thought my heart would stop.." I tried to sound dramatic.

"Don't say those things. You should stay home for today and take a rest. Tell me when you're fully recovered. Don't worry about your photo shoot, I'll re-schedule another one soon."

"Thank you.. *cough*"

"Take care of yourself now." And with that, our conversation ended. I should totally try being an actress, who knows? I might win an Oscar for the "Best Actress In Faking To Get Herself Out Of Trouble" award. 

      I sat quietly for a moment. What am I supposed to do now? I don't feel like designing now since all my ideas are gone. I need inspiration, I needed something to spice up my designs. I should take a stroll around town and get some fresh air. My mind is clouded with haze, something fresh would be a good idea. I quickly stood up and went straight towards my wardrobe - as a professional fashion designer, wherever I go, I'll still need to look fabulous, whatever the circumstances are. I picked out an adorable red knee-length dress; it's one of my most favorite dresses of all time. Before I could go and change, suddenly I've received a message from an anonymous number. 

"Give us back our 200 million dollars, or else you won't be able to see your loved ones again."

      My hand was shaking when I read that message. Won't be able to see my loved ones.. again? If they're capable of figuring out my number, then it'll be no problem for them to track down the others easily. I've 50 million dollars in my account, I need 150 million dollars more. I could always ask for help from Madam Siliciana.. but I wouldn't want to trouble her. This has nothing to do with anyone - just me. I'll get that money, I surely will. 


      Haa.. this feels nice. I like how the wind is blowing my hair and the happy sounds of children's laughter made my day brighter. Without realizing it, my smile has gotten wider. I feel so calm, it's like all my worries just flew away along with the wind. I stopped by a lovely flower shop, these flowers caught my attention since they're very colorful and so.. beautiful. I might have found my inspiration. I wonder if they smell nice? I bend over to sniff one of them. There was a guy who was busy talking to a phone, walked past me. I didn't bother to turn around, instead I pulled out one of the flowers and sniff them again. They smell so wonderful. I've wasted a few minutes of my time checking out these gorgeous flowers until..

"Excuse me..?" I heard a deep, husky voice. I turned around to see a guy standing behind me; he's got curly hair, dark grey eyes and.. such adorable dimples. I admit, he's pretty cute but if he's thinking about becoming my date, it's a definite 'No'. I'm totally not interested. 

"May I help you?" I asked. He pulled out a familiar red thread. I looked at him blankly. "I don't understand."

(Their situation kinda looks like this.)

      He pointed towards the back of my dress (the lower part of it). I turned around and... WHAT THE..?!! The dress is shorter at the back, exposing my inner skirt. I quickly covered it with my hand. This is really humiliating.. Bad enough I've been threatened by two guys last night, now I've embarrassed myself in public. This would probably be classified as a 'wardrobe malfunction'. My life had just gotten more painfully interesting

I shot a deadly glare at the guy, "You pervert!"

      He tilted his head and said, "Sorry to disappoint you, ma'am but it was your butt who assaulted me." W-What?! Then, I remembered something. He was the one who accidentally bumped my hips when I was too busy sniffing those flowers - one of the thread must have gotten attached to his zipper. I could feel my cheeks burning. It wasn't entirely my fault. If he hadn't bumped into me, this wouldn't have happened. I was thinking about apologizing but since he called me, "ma'am".. I've changed my mind. I'm not that old! First off, I need a cover. I can't walk around with my inner clothes exposed. That would ruin my reputation as a fashion designer and a model. I turned my back against a wall, hopefully no one noticed (well, except for that guy). How am I supposed to fix this? I rushed to get my handbag and pulled out whatever scarf I have inside. I accidentally dropped my phone without realizing it. I've found a few scarfs but they were too short. What am I going to do? 

"Calm down," the guy's voice was soothing but not enough to calm me down.

"People are going to see me like this," I hissed. "Which is not good, it'll scar me for life."

"Job related? I understand. Wouldn't want to scar your reputation."

I looked at him with pleading eyes, "Please.. help me." He took a moment to think and eventually.. left. COULD YOU BELIEVE THAT?! He just left! I swear, when I see him again, I'll tear him apart. I stood quietly, ignoring everyone's stare. 

      A few minutes later, "I'm back." Oh great..

He came back with a plain silky table cloth in his hand. What can I use that for? It won't do much help at all! He came closer and tied it around my waist and decorated it; turning it into a lovely skirt. I was speechless, the bursting rage I've had towards him slowly fades away. He even bought a flower brooch for the finishing touch. I was amazed by his creativity. He spontaneously designed a skirt only from a plain table cloth. "Better?"

"Much better. Thank you.." I replied shyly. Phew.. he's a life-savior.   

"Say, since I've 'rescued' you. Would you mind going out for a cup of tea with me?" he smiled. Might as well accept, if it weren't for him, I'd probably be in the front cover of the magazine this month. "Sure."


      We headed to nearest cafe, located a few blocks away. It's such a quiet place and I heard the coffee there was great. I could smell the aromatic scent of coffee being grinded. I was often busy, I never had chances to go and visit this place, the "Sweetheart Cafe". I've always admired the checked color floor and the wooden walls. The colors releases a certain feeling which attracts and makes everyone feels welcomed, not to mention the stylish furniture giving extra comfort to all the customers. It's chic and traditional at the exact same time. 

"Coffee, sir?" a waitress appeared beside our table, with a fresh smile curved upon her lips.

"No. I'll just have a cup of tea."

"And you, miss?" she turned to me.

"Cream and sugar coffee."

"Your drinks will be here soon," she gave us a friendly smile before leaving.

      The guy shifted his gaze towards me and said, "I'm Harry.. Harry Styles." His name sounds familiar somehow, 'Harry Styles'.. where have I heard this name before? "I'm Keira Bright."

"That's a gorgeous name," he complimented.

"Thanks. Never heard of it before?" I decided to ask. 

"Well, it does sound familiar. I've heard that name being mentioned once, on TV," he rubbed his chin.

"That's me! I'm Keira Bright, the fashion designer."

"Keira Bright?.. Oh, sorry, I thought you were Keira Knightley," he laughed.

"Not funny," I pout.

"I was just joking. Of course I know who you are. I just couldn't believe I'm in a cafe with one of the most youngest and talented fashion designers in the world."

      My face instantly turned red. I'm not used to getting compliments from someone directly, especially if that person is an extremely cute guy you're sitting with in a cafe. I usually get my compliments from Twitter or Facebook. I know it's better if you could hear them say it but it'll only make me blush even more. 

"Come to think of it. Your name sounds familiar too," I changed the subject.

"You don't know who I am?" he lifted an eyebrow, somewhat surprised.

"Doesn't ring a bell."

"Ever heard of the World Resort Hotel?"

"Yeah, I guess so. It's one of the largest 5-star-rated hotel resorts in the whole world. Plus, it's operated by the highly prestigious and respected, Harry -"

      I looked at him, quite shocked. He casually sipped his tea. Harry Styles!! "The Head Manager.. it's you!!"

 "Keep your voice down, please," he hushed. I can't believe this. This is my lucky day, I should get his autograph. I'm not interested in him, I'm just using his autograph to bribe Kacey (evil laugh*). "Can I have your autograph? I'm a huge fan of yours," I lied.

"How are you my huge fan since you couldn't even remember who I am?"

      I paused. Damnn, that was a spoiler. "Okay, fine. You got me. I just wanted to get your autograph for my friend. She's got a huge crush on you," I explained; except for the bribery part. He smiled and took out a pen. I quickly took out a piece of paper and he signed it. YESSS! I slipped the paper into my bag and stood up. 

"I'd love to stay and chat, Harry but I've to go." I started walking towards the door.

"That soon? You haven't even drank your coffee yet."

"It has gotten cold. I don't drink cold coffees," I rolled my eyes.

"I'll order you a new one," he called out. I appreciate his effort to convince me but I've no other reason to stay.

"Thanks but no thanks. I've had fun chatting with you though. Oh, and thanks again for today." 

      I stepped outside the cafe. Now, where's my phone? I should call Jane, my best friend. Few days ago, she was out of town. She's probably around, somewhere. I should give her a quick call and ask if she could come to pick me up. I rummaged inside my bag.. where is it? Where the hell is it? Have I dropped it somewhere? Oh no.. I rubbed my forehead. No no no no...

"Looking for this?" Harry's voice startled me. He was holding a phone.

I narrowed my eyes, "Where'd you get that? Did you take it?" He shook his head in amusement. "Ah, Keira.. you're really charming when you accuse me for things I didn't do." 

"I wasn't accusing you of anything," I snorted.

"You dropped it."

"Well, thanks for picking it up. Now, give it back," I held out my hand. He walked towards me and placed it onto my hand. "So, are you having problems with the landlord or.. something?" he stared into my eyes. 

"What?.. What makes you say that?" I snapped my head towards him. 

"You haven't been paying your rents, perhaps?"

"Wait, what? What are you talking about?" 

"You're being threatened to pay 200 million dollars."

      I stomped my feet. He seemed surprised that he took a step backward. "How dare you read my messages?!" my voice was icy. "Hey, I didn't mean to," he answered with an innocent face expression. I began rubbing my forehead again. Calm down.. calm down.. I let out a sigh.

"I just wanted to help."

"There's nothing you could do to help," my voice tone softened. 

"Of course I could," he answered confidently.

"What CAN you do?" I shot him an icy stare. He flinched but bravely confronted me, "I'm going to offer you a deal." A deal, huh? Sounds interesting..

"What's the catch?"

"I'll help you, in exchange, you'll need to become my bride."

I burst out laughing. You're joking, right? "Good one, Harry. Now, seriously, what's the deal?"

"That IS the deal." 

      I opened my mouth to say something but immediately, closed it. He's serious; problem is, I'm not ready for marriage. To me, work always comes first. It never occurred to me to actually began settling in. Plus, I don't even love him!

"I don't even love you!" I confessed.

"My parents have been pressuring me to get a bride. A person such as myself hardly had any time to find one, so, since I've found you..." he cleared his throat. "..Besides, this way, both of our problems will be solved. Don't worry, we're only fake marrying. It doesn't have to be based on how much we 'love' each other."

I paused for awhile and began thinking about it. Wouldn't be such a bad idea actually. "After our problems are solved, then, what happens?" I asked. 

"We'll fake getting a divorce. The End."

      He studied my face. It's a good idea, great thinking, Harry. It should be pretty easy.. right? We're only faking it - we won't be real husband and wife. Once this nightmare is over, I could go back to my normal life. Yeah.. I'm convinced. I mean, how hard can that be?

"It's a deal."

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