Marriage Contract [ON HOLD]

"You may not kiss the bride"

Keira Bright is a talented girl. She's a fashion designer and a supermodel. Not only talented, professionalism also courses through her veins. However, one day, she had to face financial problems caused by her father, who is addicted to gambling and eventually fled - leaving her behind to pay back his depths. That's when she met Harry Styles, the head owner of the most well-known resort throughout the whole world, World Resort Hotel. Harry instantly fell in love with her from the moment he saw her but problem is, she doesn't feel the same way. "Here, I'll help you out with your financial problems, only if you become my bride." Out of desperation, she had no other option. In the end, all she needed to say was, "I do."


18. Author's Note*


So umm I have reread the whole story from the beginning. 

(Terribly sorry I'm such a crappy writer.)

I will be putting this story {on hold}. I might have to rewrite a few chapters or probably the whole story. And more proofreading. 

Again, I apologize for the poorly executed story line.

Let me know what you think in the comment section. 


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