Fix You *A Louis Tomlinson Story*

Jess lost her family when she was only ten years old. Her life has been a mess ever since. She won't let anyone into her life, but when she by coincidence bumps into a lovely boy named Louis, will that change? Can he fix her?


4. Chapter 4

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“Thank you, for letting me stay at your place! It’s very nice of you” I smiled at him as we stepped out of the car.

I looked up in front me and my gaze was met by a huge beautiful white house. “You live here?!” I asked with raised brows and wide eyes.

“Yup” He popped the p and grinned like crazy.

I was speechless as we walked up the stairs to the big wooden front door. My mouth was opened wide “wow!”

I let out a breath I didn’t even realize I was holding as I grabbed the door handle.

 “Okay, before we go inside I got to warn you” He looked into my eyes as he stepped in front of the door. He put his warm hands on my shoulders and smiled. A shiver ran through my entire body. Weird… “I live with four lads… they can be quite overwhelming” he let out an airy laugh and scratched his neck as he waited for my response.

It made more sense to me now, why the house was so big. There were four other guys… and me. As I thought more about it, it didn’t really seem like a good idea. I mean a big house with five boys and me…

I was honestly too tired to care at the moment, so I just nodded and smiled.

Louis wrapped his hand around my wrist and led me through the door and into the hallway. I walked around, looking, as Louis locked the door and followed behind me.

This house was awesome! It was nothing like my little apartment. It was so bright and beautiful here, whereas my apartment was dark and quite ugly.

“Here, I’ll show you where you can sleep” He led me up the stairs and as we walked down the hallway a door opened.

“Lou!” the guy in front of us greeted Louis as I stood awkwardly beside him.

“Hazza!” Louis’ high-pitched voice rang down the hallway as he took the guy, Hazza? in for a big bear hug.

It looked like they had a strong connection. I couldn’t help the smile that formed on my lips as I watched them pad each other’s backs.

It was actually amazing how many times I’d been smiling lately. Ever since I meet Louis the other day I’d been smiling. I’d smiled more lately than I’d done it the last 6 years all together.

“Oh and you must be the girl…?” I snapped out of my trance. “Uh..Y-yeah, that’s me” How awkward… I even sounded awkward…

“Yeah, Harry this is…” Louis started as he stared at me and raised his brows realizing he didn’t even know my name himself.

“Jess!” I finally answered.

“Jess” Louis repeated after me, smiling wide. “And Jess this is Harry” he pointed at the curly haired guy in front of us.


We locked eyes for a second and I smiled slightly before looking back to the ground. My stomach twisted and my body stiffened as Louis took my hand in his. “Let’s go, you need to get some rest love” he cupped my cheeks as he looked into my eyes.

I couldn’t look into his.

He froze for a second and his facial expression turned from intrigued to worry in a heartbeat. Seeing Lou sad like that was terrible, but I was afraid if we locked eyes he’d see what he saw last time.

Darkness and misery.

I didn’t want him to know that side of me. It would ruin everything. I should just leave already. By being here I’ll only involve Louis in my problems and I don’t want that. I don’t’ want him to worry about me or feel pity. I’d always hated when people pitied me.

“Is something wrong love?” Louis placed his hand under my chin and forced me to look at him.

“No I’m fine, it’s nothing… Guess I’m just tired” That seemed like a perfect excuse and I was actually pretty tired too.

“Of course. Does it hurt anywhere? Your arm?” He questioned as I walked next to him. He was so sweet and thoughtful.

“I think I have a headache, but that’s it. My arm doesn’t hurt at the moment” I smiled and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.

“That’s great!” Lou sang in a funny high-pitched voice. “You’ve got a beautiful smile” He complimented me. I felt my face get hot and my gaze immediately met the floor, a smile plastered on my lips.

What was this guy doing to me?

I had no idea, but I definitely liked the effect he had on me and I could tell he did too.

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