Fix You *A Louis Tomlinson Story*

Jess lost her family when she was only ten years old. Her life has been a mess ever since. She won't let anyone into her life, but when she by coincidence bumps into a lovely boy named Louis, will that change? Can he fix her?


3. Chapter 3

*Hi! I think I'll start writing what songs I listen to while writing... So here's the songs for this chapter:

Summerlove - One Direction
I Would - One Direction
I Wish - One Direction
Story Of My Life - One Direction
Midnight Memories - One Direction*


“You’re awake!” someone whispered as I felt a warm hand cover mine. I smile formed on my lips.

Realization hit me, and I groaned as I placed my free hand on my forehead. It was burning…

I couldn’t hear a thing ‘cause my head was pounding like crazy.

“Are you okay? Is there anything I can do?” The guy talked in a rush. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed, looking at his own feet.

I felt kind of sorry for him. He was obviously very worried and sorry, though it wasn’t even his fault alone.

“I’m okay… But my head hurts big time!” I whispered in return as I closed my eyes shortly and took a deep breath.

“Just get some sleep love, you look tired” he caressed my cheek and smiled slightly.

“I…I…You’re probably right” I stuttered as my face got hot under his touch. I was fighting to keep my eyes open.

“Wha ws your nam?” I mumbled just before I fell asleep. I was exhausted.

He stood and squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and tried to make out what I was asking him.

His gaze met mine and he grinned.

“It’s Louis love” He answered as he squeezed my hand.

“Louis” I breathed as my eyes closed and my mind traveled to another world.


*Louis POV*


“Hey man, where are you?” Harry asked as soon as I answered his call.

“I’m at the hospital… It’s a bit complicated” I sighed as I walked up and down the hallway several times.

“What?! What happened Lou? Are you okay?...” I chuckled lightly.

“Harry! I’m fine… It’s this girl I crashed into” The line went silent and I removed my phone to see if the call had ended. It hadn’t…

“Harry?...You there?” I asked slightly confused. Did I say something wrong?

“Oh, yeah! I’m right here, sorry” He chuckled and I knew instantly he had been laughing.

“It’s not funny Hazz! She hit her head pretty hard…” I tried to be serious, but whenever Harry was laughing I couldn’t stop smiling myself.

“Yeah, you’re right… sorry” He took a few breaths to stop laughing “It’s just typically you…You’re a bit clumsy Lou”

I could almost see the grin on his face as he said that. He was right though, I’d always been a bit clumsy.

“Yeah…Do you know, when’s our next show?” I was hoping it wasn’t too soon. Then I’d have to leave this girl, whom I actually didn’t even know the name of.

“In a week” Harry stated.

“Great!” A grin spread across my face. “I’ll have to stay here till she wakes up Hazz. I need to know if she’s okay” I smiled to myself. I had loads of time.

I found myself dreaming of her beautiful emerald green eyes and her cute smile. I wanted to get to know her better and now that our next show was in a week I had the time to do so.

“Okay, see you boobear!”  Harry sang followed by a chuckle.

“See you Hazz!” I sang back to him before hanging up.

I ran back to the room.

As I entered she was already sitting on the edge of the bed, trying to get her shoes on. She couldn’t reach the boots that were placed beside the bed…

I didn’t move a bit as I watched her groan in frustration and let herself fall back on the bed with her right arm holding her head. Her left arm was in a cast as she had broken it pretty bad.

“Shit…” I could tell she was on the verge of tears.

“You shouldn’t be up now” I decided to interrupt.

Her head shot up and her face turned slightly red. She smiled as our gazes met. It only lasted a second though.

“I know, but I got to get away! I hate hospitals!” I could see the desperation in her eyes as she frowned.

“You know what? You can come live with me for a few days, just till you get better” I suggest as I look down at my own feet.

I’m such a coward…

I chuckled as I felt my palms get sweaty.

Man up Louis!

My subconscious yelled at me. He was right… I should just man up.

I looked up at her.

She was biting her bottom lip, deep in thoughts.

“Okay” she stated with a nod.

“Okay?” I asked in disbelief as I smiled.

“Yeah, let’s go!” She sat up and reached for her boots again. Why such a rush?

“Here, let me help you” I grabbed her boots and handed them to her.

“Thank you” She looked up at me and once again our eyes met. But this time the entire world stood still as I studied her beautiful green eyes and she studied mine. I couldn’t move, even if I wanted to.

Her eyes were the most beautiful I’d ever seen.

I instantly broke the connection when sadness hit me. I had no idea why or how, but I saw it in her eyes, pure sadness.

“Ehm… we should probably get going” she mumbled quickly as her eyes scanned my face, trying to understand what just happened. I didn’t even understand myself.

“A…Are you okay?” she stuttered as her gaze moved from her boots, to me and then back.

I shook my head to get out of the trance that I found myself in. Either I was going crazy or she was broken deep inside…

I smiled slightly “Yeah, I’m fine love”

“Okay, let’s go then” I helped her get up and we left the hospital together.

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