Fix You *A Louis Tomlinson Story*

Jess lost her family when she was only ten years old. Her life has been a mess ever since. She won't let anyone into her life, but when she by coincidence bumps into a lovely boy named Louis, will that change? Can he fix her?


2. Chapter 2

It was a cold December evening as I walked down the streets of Doncaster.

Everywhere people were running around, shopping for Christmas.

It was always like this at Christmas. Everyone was stressed. I looked inside a shop though a window and saw two women yell at each other over some toy they probably both wanted for their children. I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my lips as I walked away.

Some people were so selfish at Christmas…

Wasn’t Christmas about love? Apparently not…




I took a deep breath as I stopped walking and looked at the park in front of me.

This was kind of a tradition once. Every year we used to go here and ice skate on December 21. I used to do it with my mother when I was little, but after she passed away I couldn’t and I wouldn’t go here anymore.

This was the first time in ages I’d been here. I sighed at the memory of my mother and my brother. Everything would have been different if they were here.

But they weren’t…

I took a pair of skates and sat down on a cold bench. I pulled off my black boots and placed them beside me.

It took a minute for me to get on the ice, but when I finally did it, it felt amazing.

It was hard to stand straight at first, but I was a quick learner. It was nice being on the ice again.

As I ran to the other side the wind hit my skin through the holes on my black skinny jeans.

I’d cut the jeans myself. I liked it like this, a little rough.

My closet most of all consisted of black clothing. It reflected my personality; darkness and emptiness.

I kept my gaze on the ice under my feet. It was so white and pure; it was quite intriguing. I probably should have looked up, because the moment I did so a guy crashed into me.

I screamed as I fell to the ground and hit my head on the thick and hard layer of ice that filled the park this one month.

I couldn’t move for a second. My head hurt and my left arm was stuck under the weight of my body.

“Geeze, I am truly sorry love!” I felt warm hands cup my cheeks. A brown haired guy with the most beautiful green eyes hovered over me.

“Are you okay love? I’m sorry, I should have watched where I was skating…” he frowned as he removed his hands and took a hold of my free arm to hold me. I smiled slightly but I don’t think he noticed. He was warm and I felt his heart beat rapidly against my head as he held me close.

It was freezing and my teeth were shattering as he took of his coat and put it over me. It was warm and his lovely scent filled my nostrils.

“Can you hear me?” he squeezed my hand and planted a kiss on it as he sighed.




It felt like I had been lying in his arms for hours now, but in reality it had probably only been half an hour or so.

The guy holding me, I think he said his name was Louis, had called an ambulance, but it hadn’t arrived yet. I think he was a bit shocked, ‘cause I felt his hands shake as they caressed my cheek.

I wanted to tell him to let me lie there on the ice, but I couldn’t get a word out. My head was pounding and his calming words faded away slowly as my vision got more blurred every second.

My mouth formed the words help me before I passed out in his arms.

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