In The End - Problems

Sequel to In The End-
Kathy and Niall are finally happy and everything seems to be going well. But there is always going to be problems...


1. Twitter

A year has past, Just about. Me and Niall are happier and more in love then ever, Mine and One Direction careers were really taking off, Zayn met a girl - Perrie from Little Mix - who has made him so happy, Liam met a girl to - Danielle who I a dancer - I very much approve, Louis also met a girl - a model Eleanor - good for him. We are all so Happy. Harry? He's still single, for the moment, he has girls frowning themselves at him everyday. He doesn't mind being single though he has all of us who love him to pieces.

"Are you staying the night?" I asked Niall as I cleared the table of dishes. We didn't leave together but he comes over for tea or takes me out all the time. Yes, Niall stays over sometimes, but nothing happens just cuddling, kissing and sleeping.

"As much as I'd love to, I have recording in the morning and I don't know your a light sleeper and hate mornings." It was a shame he couldn't stay but what he said was true. "I'd be able to stay on..."

"If your going to say Wednesday I'm busy all day and wont be back till 11:30-ish." That's the only problem about us both having this career, were so busy.

"I wasn't... How about Friday. I know it's five, well, four days away but I'm just so busy at the moment." I nodded, returning to my seat at the dinning table.

"Ok, but I'll miss you..." I said with a puppy dog face. He laughed. I loved his laugh.

"I'll miss you to Princess." He gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "I got to go, see you Friday."

"Bye!" I called just before I heard my front door close. Turning towards the sink I noticed there was washing up to do... or I could go on Twitter... Yer Twitter. I walked upstairs into my massive Light blue and White bedroom. I closed my curtains and got changed into my pyjamas then picked up my laptop and logged onto Twitter. "What's going on then?" I scrolled through twitter and for the first time it was filled with hate.

Your such a slut

Loss some weight

Your so Fat

Know what a Gym is? Go to one!

Niall deserves better, so much better.

Your so fat and ugly you cant even sing!

Fat slut

What is with people? I turned off my computer and lay in bed. I cried myself to sleep that night.

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