In The End - Problems

Sequel to In The End-
Kathy and Niall are finally happy and everything seems to be going well. But there is always going to be problems...


11. The end?

So; me, Niall, Liam, Danielle, Louis, Eleanor, Zayn, Perrie and Harry were sat in this fairly dark room, in these director inspired chairs with our last names on it. We were about to help look through all the footage picked up by the crew for the past month or so... I couldn't concentrate at all, dreading when it would get the point that had a high point of ruining everything I have. Sighing I looked at Harry who mirrored my expression of worry. I just kept thinking... is this the end? I don't want it to be the end but its not my decision to make... It's Niall's.

The footage started of Harry in his home town, spending time with his family etc. Then it went to the footage of him at the bakery... This was it. I forced a laugh as Barbra pinched his arse but then they began talking about something me and Harry had promised and hoped to keep a secret. It was impossible to keep that secret now...

"Are you still seeing that girl?" Barbra had asked Harry out of curiosity.

"Erm.." The look on Harry's face told it all... This wasn't supposed to happen. "What girl?" Playing dumb was probably not the best idea in this situation! I gave Harry the evils and he mouthed back 'sorry'.

"The girl that you always met after your shifts, you met her here to... Do you not remember? she was a lovely girl she was, defiantly a keeper... What was her name again?"

"Barbra that's enough... please" You could see there was tears starting to flow down Harry's cheeks.

"it began with a K I'm sure..." Barbra continued not realising what she was doing. Harry looked at the floor in shame knowing this was not going to look good when played to one of his best friends. "Kathy! That was her name! Kathy Johnson!" Out of the corner of my eye I saw a hurt Niall turn to me for answers. What could I do? I just nodded, my tears falling fast down my cheeks and onto the floor. The footage was paused by the crew and everyone gave me, Niall and Harry the alone time we needed but dreaded. Silence feel upon us, no one knew what to say.

"Are you still dating?" Niall murmured and I realised he was crying. I shock my head.

"No, we ended it about a month before the x factor." I said, my voice cracking half way through.

"Where the cheating rumors true?" I shock my head again.

"No, I would never do that to anyone let alone you. I love you to much to do such a thing."

"How can I trust you Kathy? You kept this from me the entire time you knew me. I am dating my best friends ex and I didn't even know." He stood up at started pacing.

"We just felt it was better not to tell anyone, forget the past and move on." Harry said, finally helping me keep my life together.

"I don't care what you felt! what about how I feel now?" Niall was shouting now and I could tell this all was the end.

"Look, mate-"

"Don't you mate me! you are not my mate!" Niall yelled pointing an unsteady finger at Harry. "And as for you Kathy..." Please no, god please don't do this. "We are over! I thought I could trust you but I obviously cant. I never want to see you ever again. Have a good life."

"Niall please-" I began

"GET OUT" He pointed his still unsteady finger at the door, his face was now bright red in anger. I got up and walked towards the door, taking one last look towards the love of my life and my best friend I opened up the door and walked out to see everyone standing behind it listening in with expressions full of pity. I stood there, taking in all the faces I knew I would never see again. Liam... Danielle... Zayn... Perrie... Louis... Eleanor... The crew...

"Goodbye." I whispered as I walked out of the building and walked out of the life I wanted and needed so desperately... the life I loved with the people I loved. Never again would I be so happy...


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