In The End - Problems

Sequel to In The End-
Kathy and Niall are finally happy and everything seems to be going well. But there is always going to be problems...


13. Moments

Niall's P.O.V

"I have to go to her... I have to go to Kathy... I cant just leave things like this..." I said to Harry breaking our hug after a while had passed.

"Then go mate." He replied, putting his hand on my shoulder. I nodded and took off in a run. Out the door, out the building, into the car and drove as quickly as legally possible to my princesses house. I ran to the door, stopped to compose myself, before knocking on her door. No answer. I knocked on it again a little harder this time. No answer. Once again, I knocked a little louder. No answer. I was beginning to get worried. Remembering I had a key to her house and my emotions getting the best of me I let myself in. Her bag was lying on the floor right next to the door. Her phone was lying on the floor a bit further away, the screen had a big crack on it was still clear to see what was on the screen. Picking it up I noticed it was on twitter but what I read was disgusting. Hate, hate and more hate. All from my so called fans. How can anyone treat another Human being like this. They have no right, no one does. I began to hear quite sobs coming from down the hallway towards the bathroom. Rapidly standing up I quick walked down the hallway and stopped at the bathroom door. Sure enough, someone was crying inside. The door was open a bit so I peaked through the crack. What I saw was something that not only saddened me but shocked me to. Kathy was lying in a bath tub filled with blood coloured water, empty glass was lying on the floor beside her, her body was shaking unnaturally, and she was crying. Her crying was a sound I never wanted to hear... I stood there for a minute taking in the view of what was before me. But then it hit me... She was lying in a bath tub with blood coloured water... blood coloured... her blood!

"KATHY!" I shouted pushing open the door and running towards her. Picking her up bridal style I noticed the many open, fresh cuts on her arms and legs, her eyes kept opening and closing. I knew she was giving up. I couldn't let her, not now, not ever. Running to the front door the only thing I was thinking about was getting her to hospital as soon as I could. Luckily we were a 5-10 minute drive from the nearest hospital so the journey was quick. Every few seconds I would look at her making sure she was still awake. Her delicate little hand in mine, hers getting colder as time went by. My mind was filled with panic. Th-This was my fault... I should have been with her, to hold her and tell her everything was ok because I loved her. Once we were at the hospital I picked her up once more and ran into the reception. Frantically running around shouting 'SOMEONE HELP ME! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! SHE CANT DIE' She was rushed out of my arms, onto a hospital bed and into a room I was not allowed in. I couldn't help but think that was the last time I would see her.

Harry's P.O.V

I was proud of Niall. He wanted to put things right and he immediately went to her house. Me and the boys were sitting back in the room watching more footage waiting for Niall's and hopefully Kathy's return. Suddenly my phone started vibrating in my pocket. Taking it out I realised Niall was calling, hoping for good news I answered it.

"You all right mate?" I said cheerfully as I stepped out of the room so I could hear what he was saying. All I could hear were faint sobs and nothing else. "Niall?"

"She...She...Kathy tried to kill herself..." A lump in my throat stopped me from replying straight away, a horrible feeling began in my stomach. Was this a joke?

"What?" I said eventually, my voice cracking.

"She... She... took an overdose..." Niall was obviously crying not being able to get a full sentence out without his voice cracking. With tears streaming down my face, I began shaking my head in disbelief. My best friend... she couldn't have done this... she was so carefree... so happy...

"No..." I whispered causing Niall to let out a loud sob.

"She's... in... a coma... at the moment... they... they... don't know... if she's... going to-"

"NO!" I shouted making Niall break down in sobs again. Hearing whispering and movement inside the room where everyone else was I knew that they could hear what I was saying. The door opened revealing everyone. They all looked at me, worry and confusion written all over their faces. "We are coming to see her, be there soon..." I said ending the phone call and the sound of Niall crying. I hated hearing or seeing him cry but all I could think about at this moment in time was Kathy.

"Harry? what's happening?" Louis asked walking towards me and placing a hand on my shoulder. I looked down at the floor, took a deep breath and looked back up to face him.

"Kathy...Kathy tried to kill herself... she is in a coma at the moment... and they don't know if she is going to wake up..." I said trying to make what I was saying clear but the tears and pain made it come out weirdly. Everyone was looking me with shocked faces. I guessed, like me, they couldn't believe this could happen.

"What are we waiting for? we need to go to the hospital... now!" Liam said now quickly leading everyone out of the building.

Niall's P.O.V

Once Harry ended the call I put my head in my hand that wasn't holding onto Kathy's. The pain I felt right now was nothing I had ever experienced before and I would never ever wish upon anyone, no matter how much I disliked them. Kathy had been in a coma for what felt like forever and it was killing me knowing she may never wake up.

"I'm so sorry Kathy. I'm sorry you get so much hate and I cant stop it. I'm sorry that I over reacted about you and Harry dating in the past. I'm sorry for all the bad things that I have ever said or done to you. I'm sorry I cant give you everything you deserve. I'm sorry I cant stop you from feeling any pain. When you feel pain I feel pain. You mean the world to me Kathy and nothing will change that. One day I plan to marry you, make you my Queen. I want to have children with you and grow old together. I wish I could spend every second of the day with you because no amount of time with you is enough. You are the reason I smile every single say. You are so funny and beautiful and talented and selfless and kind and just perfect. I am so lucky to call you mine. If I still can. Kathy Johnson I love you so much." I whispered in her ear not knowing if she could hear me but hoping she could. She needed to know that. "Please come back to me Princess."

The boys and their girlfriends all turned up about half and hour later. All of them looked as if they had been crying. Eyes puffy and faces slightly red, even the girls make up was running down their faces.

"How is she?" Harry asked as he crouched down by Kathy's bed.

"She still hasn't woken up." I replied, squeezing her hand slightly. 

 "Shut the door
 Turn the light off
 I wanna be with you
 I wanna feel your love
 I wanna lay beside you
 I cannot hide this
 Even though I try" Liam started singing softly as he walked closer to Kathy's bed, resting his hand on Harry's shoulder and looking at Kathy's pale body covered in cuts.

 " Hearts beats harder
 Time escapes me
 Trembling hands
 Touch skin
 It makes this harder
 And the tears stream down my face" 
He continued as he lightly brushed his thumb over Kathy's cheek.

 "If we could only have this life
 For one more day
 If we could only turn back time"
Harry stated singing his part, his voice cracking half way through.

 "You know I’ll be
 Your life
 Your voice
 Your reason to be
 My love
 My heart
 Is breathing for this
 In time
 I’ll find the words to say
 Before you leave me today"
All of us sung the chorus including the girls; Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor. I squeezed Kathy's hand slightly and to my amazement Kathy squeezed mine back, her eyes began to flutter and she opened them slowly, revealing the beautiful blue eyes I could stare into forever.

"Kathy?" I said seeing if she'd respond.

"Niall" She said sounding like she always did when she had only just woken up. Her eyes slowly looked around the room and all that was surrounding her before her eyes landed on me again. "I'm so s-"

"No, Kathy, don't." I whispered rubbing her cheek with my thumb then removing a piece of hair from her face. "I love you."

"I love you to."

...To be continued...

I'm going to do another sequel because I want a better ending than this one so yeah the next one will be up as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this book and please like and favourite I'd really appreciate it.

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