In The End - Problems

Sequel to In The End-
Kathy and Niall are finally happy and everything seems to be going well. But there is always going to be problems...


9. Joint tour

Luckily the rumors of my apparent cheating had worn off after Me, Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and practically everyone you could think of denying it. Finally they believed us. The filming for this is us had started and as I spent a lot of time with the boys, I to had to get used to the cameras following us everywhere. I didn't really mind except privacy meant nothing to the camera men. Multiple times they have walked in on me and Niall making out. Niall just blushes but I find it extremely annoying and don't hold back on telling them how annoyed I am. I learn for the best, Louis Tomlinson. The boys are on their break from tour and had gone back to visit their family and are filming some things there to, leaving me to... Work. Not that I could complain. I was preforming on a few show and that is what I love to do. I just miss them, you know. Me and my crew are currently planning my up coming tour. I am really looking forward to this one as The boys are coming on tour with me. Kind of like a joint tour. Its going to be amazing!

***A WEEK LATER*** (I didn't know what else to write so I skipped a bit but basically Kathy just did performances and interviews etc.)

After what seems like forever the boys are coming home to London. I am waiting at the airport for Niall to come back from Ireland, I am basically jumping up and down in excitement because I missed him so much. Niall hadn't even arrived yet and I was already in tears, I couldn't help myself but weep. My boyfriend was finally coming home, you felt a comforting hand pat your back soothingly as you wiped away the constant tears that seem to be pouring out your eyes. "It's alright love his plane just landed," Danielle said out to me, her and Liam were with me waiting for Niall as Liam had missed him to. I smiled thankfully at her as she stood was waiting beside me, "I think they are coming through now," She pointed out as the fans started clapping and screaming with excitement. My heart swelled with happiness, I had to admit ID fans were incredible. My phone buzzed in my back pocket and I quickly answered it "Where are you?" Niall asked, I could see him look around in confusion as he held his phone to his ear. "Your going to have to look harder than that Horan," I teased him. The line fell silent as he scanned the crowd. "Ahh I see you," He said as he ran toward Me, Liam and Danielle. Niall hung up as I did the same and felt Liam gently push me toward him, I shook my head no and grabbed his hand bringing him along with me. Niall had only smile on his face as he brought me and Liam into a Horan hug "Missed you both so much" He said happily. I felt so squished and I was pressed firmly against his chest. When he finally let go he pulled me into a kiss that made me forget everything including my name, he has that effect on me...

"Erm... sorry to interrupt but we are now mobbed." I faintly heard Liam say, in a matter of fact sort of way. I pulled away from Niall's touch and looked around. Sure enough we were mobbed. screams came from every angle as the fans surrounded us.

"Liam, you're batman. Do something!" I half joked. To my surprise he put Danielle on his back and told Niall to do the same with me. Then we were running and pushing our way to freedom. The boys carried us, running, all the way out of the airport and to our cars. Niall and Liam put me and Danielle down safely on the ground once we were away from the fans, they are actually pretty fast. They were both leaning against my car breathing deeply, bless them. "Thanks for saving us!"

"Sure thing.... Princess..." Niall said breathlessly.

***Couple of hours later***

"My legs hurt like hell!" Niall moaned for what felt like  the millionth time. I do feel bad for him but then he does keep getting up and walking around, he was playing football with Louis who came round to see him earlier.

"Look Ni why don't you just stay put while I go make you some food?" He nodded his eyes lighting up at the word food. "Ok" I stood up from my seat on the sofa and walked into the kitchen. Niall's kitchen was absolutely massive! He never uses it though he said to me once that he would but he'd probably burn the house down doing anything more than a bowl of cereal. Bless him. I got to work making him my family recipe for some pasta that he loves.

I had just got to making the source when there was a knock on the door, it was probably one of them boys. I wiped my hands on the tea towel and ran towards the door.

"I'll get it!" I said as I ran towards it, hoping Niall hadn't moved off his seat on the sofa or his legs would hurt for longer.

"Ok!" Niall called back so I know he had heard me. I got to the door and opened it. Standing on the opposite side was a panicked Harry.

"Are you ok?" He shock his head in a funny pattern, I think he was trying to say 'not sure'. "DO you want to come in? He nodded and I stepped aside to let him do so. "what's going on?"

"WHO IS IT?" Niall shouted from the living room across the hall. I opened my mouth to say but Harry put his finger to his lips to say shh. I looked at him confused but I answered "WRONG HOUSE!" instead. I lead Harry to the kitchen so I could cook why he explained what had happened and why he didn't want Niall to know he was here.

"So are you going to explain to me why you are so panicked or do I have to guess." What he told me next made me want to jump off a bridge. This was not supposed to happen. EVER! 

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