In The End - Problems

Sequel to In The End-
Kathy and Niall are finally happy and everything seems to be going well. But there is always going to be problems...


5. He fell...

Sorry I hadn't updated in ages here is chapter 5...

"Kathy your here!" Sam said as I arrived. I had to fight my way into the building, their was so many people outside. Normally I would stop to take pictures and sign autographs but I knew I didn't have time today. I know what your thinking, 'I thought you left Sam in Australia?' Well, Sam is originally from England to so she moved back with me. "Vanessa is waiting to do your hair and make up, your outfit is already chosen." She seemed happy everything was going to plan. We walked to the dressing room which wasn't to far from where we were standing. Vanessa was standing next to the dressing table setting up the hair straighteners, she was a petite blonde with bright green eyes. She always looks amazing without even trying, I'm so jealous!

"Take a seat!" she gestured to the seat next to her once she noticed I was in the room. I sat down and she began straightening my hair that I had already taken out of my ponytail.

"I think I might dip dye my hair sometime, I fancy a bit of a change, It's been the same colour all my life. Its got a little boring.." I told her looking at her in the mirror.

"What colour?"

"Blonde maybe."

"That will look beautiful..." she placed the straighteners down on the heat proof mat and started searching through a big purple bag on the table. "I can do it now if you want?" She asked as she brought out a pot of blonde dye. I nodded with a smile on my face.


"Finished!" I called walking out of the dressing room. Sam gave me a thumbs up.

"Beautiful!" Vanessa told me, looking proud of herself. I looked in the mirror and smiled. The dip dye looks better than I thought it was going to and the denim shorts, a cropped white top that said hakuna matata and white converse looked good to. Sam lead me to the actual photo shoot where everything was already set up. The photographer pointed to the place he wanted me to stand, I stood there and he nodded for me to pose.


Once we were happy with a couple of the photos I went to get changed into my clothes from earlier. When I was ready Sam drove me to the first Interview... It was so busy outside, I had my security guards who were determined to get me inside quickly but I managed to sign some autographs and take some pictures with fans. That's until John, my security guard and tour manager, picked me up and put my over his shoulder bringing me into the 'safety' of the building. Once he put me down I gave him the evils, pouting, making him laugh.

"Kathy, interview starts in ten, your going on dressed like that, don't say anything stupid, good luck!" Sam rambled quickly running past me to where she had to stand, mumbling into her ear piece. I smirked at John, turned and ran as fast I could jumping over things and dodging people as I went. I love to wind up my crew, especially John.


It was about 9:45 when I got back to the comfort of my house. I was so tired after such a busy day that I dived onto my bed and fell asleep straight away, I will still fully clothed... That night I had a dream that I was back stage at a One Direction concert and Niall was going to fall, There was nothing I could do about it... and... and... He fell....

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