In The End - Problems

Sequel to In The End-
Kathy and Niall are finally happy and everything seems to be going well. But there is always going to be problems...


6. A house full of weirdo's

I was sitting down stairs watching the music channel to see who got number one when my phone vibrated. Picking it up I saw I had got a text from Niall.

‘We are only busy this morning; later on we are going to watch a movie. Want to come? X’

‘Sure, I’d love to! I haven’t seen the boys in a while anyway. X’

I hadn’t seen the boys since tour ended and that was 2 whole months ago. Long time! I’ve never had a movie night with all of them before, just me and Niall or Me and Harry. We did watch a couple of movies on the tour bus, but that wasn’t a movie night it was just boredom. Wonder what film or films we are going to watch…

‘See you later then x’

‘See you Nialler x’

After seeing the time was 11:45 and remembering that Niall had not given me a time I thought it was best if I got dressed, I was still in my pyjamas. First I got into the shower then chose my outfit. I chose a light blue, plain jumper, White shorts and light blue vans. I brushed my tangled hair and put it up into a messy ponytail. No point putting make up on, they have seen me worse. They saw me the morning after a party… I think I scared them….

“Kathy I’m here!” Niall called from down stairs.

“I’m coming!” I shouted, running out of my room and down the stairs. I was met by a smiling Niall.

“Hi Princess”

“Hey!” He gave me a kiss, our lips moving in sync. My arms wrapped lightly around his neck, his arms on my waist. We pulled away after a while. “Movie night!” I squealed excitedly. He nodded, laughing.

“I thought we could walk? It’s a nice day.” I nodded and smiled. “Well then, shall we?” He turned so we were side by side and bent his arm.

“We shall.” I put my arm through his and we walked out of the house, shutting the door behind us.


“Hello!” I said dancing around as Liam opened the door to let us in.

“Hello to you to! Come in!” I and Niall walked in, hand in hand. “Danielle is here” He told us as we walked into the living room where everyone was.

“Danielle!” I cheered with my fists in the air.

“Kathy!” She copied me and we both laughed and hugged each other. I can see me and Danielle becoming good friends. Harry put the back of his hand on my forehead and began counting. I looked at his confused. He pulled his hand away shaking it, his mouth an O shape.

“You feel Ok?” He asked a fake serious look on his face.

“Hey!” I punched his playfully. He put his arms out in front of him as his face formed a puppy dog face,

“You luv me?” He said making me laugh and I gave him a hug. “You luv me!” I laughed pulling away.

“What are we watching?” I asked no one in particular.

“Toy Story!” Liam said with a massive smile on his face.

“Again!” I sat on the sofa next to Louis and Niall. Liam nodded. Louis nudged me. ‘Follow my lead…’ he mouthed at me and winked.

“I want to watch Superman!” Louis said suddenly.

“So do I, I love superman!” I said, following Louis lead… Not sure and scared of where it was going, clueless.

“Were soul mates!” He put my hand on his heart. 

“It would never work!” I said as dramatically as possible.

“Run away with me!” He jumped up.

“Of cause!” I got up to; he picked me up bridal style and ran out of the room into the kitchen. We both started to laugh. I had missed this...

Danielle’s P.O.V

The others were acting as if nothing had happened. I mean come on Kathy and Louis had just run out of the room saying they were made for each other and they are going to get married. Although this probably won’t happen, they did just run out of the room…

“Is that normal?” I asked curiously.

“Yes… You get used to it.” Niall answered.

“You seem to be fine with the fact one of you best friends and your girlfriend ran out of the room saying they were soul mates.”

“I know Kathy loves me and I also know that all the boys would never do that to me for real.” He answered truthfully.

“Fair enough” I said sitting back in the sofa, cuddling up to Liam. Suddenly a scream was heard. Kathy came running in, still screaming and stared at Niall.

“There…Is…No…Food!” She said between breaths.

“WHAT!” Niall Jumped up. “You monsters!” He said to the boys. “We must get food!” He picked her up and put her on his back, before running out of the room. A few seconds later the front door opened and slammed shut. 

“This is a movie night?” I asked Liam as he put his arm around me.

“This is normal so far, it could get weirder… A lot weirder…” I shivered; I was in a house full of weirdo’s!

Kathy’s P.O.V

We went to the shop down the road, picking up everything that took our fancy. We ended up with two baskets full to the brim of junk food. After paying we walked back to Liam’s with all the bags.
“You two are never going food shopping for me again!” Liam told us when we got back.

“We promise… If you let us watch something other than Toy Story.” I said as I thought ‘Compromise is good’.

“Ok…Horror movie?” I nodded, smiling in triumph. We ended up watching Sinister; I kept hiding my head in Niall’s chest. I enjoy watching horror and getting freaked out but I get scarred so easily.  I and Niall shared a bowl of popcorn. He had it on his lap and I had to reach over to get some.  Accidently, I put my hand down and it landed on his ‘Man part’ as he had moved the bowl. He made an ‘Oof’ sound and bent forward a bit.

“Sorry Niall.” I whispered. “It was an accident.”

“It’s ok.” He said in a kind of squeaky voice. “You have to bowl” He past it to me and I put it on my lap. Moments later I felt hands on both my boobs. I looked down to see they were Niall’s. Turning to him I saw he had a smirk on his face.

“Niall!” I shout-Whispered.

“Opps sorry Kathy.” He removed his hands. “It was an accident.” He was mocking me.

“That’s it!” I wrestled him off the sofa and onto the ground. He turned so I was on the bottom but I managed to switch it again. After a bit more wrestling Niall’s arms relaxed and brought me closer to his chest, kissing me.

“Get a room!” I heard Louis shout. The others laughed and I pulled away laughing to. I got up and put my hand down for Niall who was laughing but blushing as red as a tomato. He took it and I pulled him up. “The Film has finished now!”

“Sorry Louis!” I said, smiling at him.

“We better go.” Niall said looking at the clock which was above the TV. 10:30pm! Yes, we’d better be going.

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