Keep Dreaming

A 17-year old girl named Abigail. Was forced to stay-awake. She can't sleep, If she sleeps,she will see a horror nightmare that is people being tortured...The people she loves will die as well..But , what is the black figure that keeps appearing in her dream ? Was the thing trying to tell her something by killing the people she loves ? Read if you want to know what happens next ! ^^


3. the boy?

What is the black figure doing ?Is it searching for peoples to kill again ?!If only I could wake up...I couldn't barely stand watching that black figure walking around in circles.Was it trying to kill Tiffany but..I think the black figure is kinda scared of me..

I looked at Tiffany and her face was pretty amazed,cause WE JUST MET! P/s: I'm not a lesbian. I tried to touch the black figure because it went more closer to us. I looked in front then, the black figure ran,hopped or whatever it's doing to another girl.I ain't hugging more strangers ! Wait,is it the..student council Amenda ? 

I saw the black figure getting closer to Amenda. Well,I think it's fair for her.It is what she deserve! I saw her being torn just like my mom..Limp by limp..I was kinda enjoying watching all of that.. 

Then,a boy speak "You know she is your friend you should help her !".I ignored the voice and continued watching the black figure. " You know that isn't a good idea to just stand there !".I answered him while trying to find the voice. " If I get closer to Amenda,the black figure will kill Tiffany as well !"

He laughed and said.."Black figure ?Wow,that's a nice name to call the thing you don't know !The thing that killed your mom and dad." How did it know ? "Who told you that ?"I asked with an angry face."Oh,you don't need to be angry,I'm just playing with you.If you want to wake up just ask me to do it..You know I'm the king here !The shadows obey me !All of the shadows are enjoying the "black figure" killing your friend too..They think that this is a channel that you can watch people being killed isn't it fun ?I'd just give them something to entertain..No humans can enter this world except you.Even I don't even know how !" I was still searching for that voice.

Then,I woke up.I saw Tiffany sleeping at a chair and there's a boy standing beside Tiffany's who is still sleeping.He skin was pale as snow,he's hair was black,he's hair was also spikey..He was wearing a school uniform,he's so handsome.. He has a fresh face.."Who are you ?!What do you want ?!Are you the one that was in my dream ?!"I tried to act tough.

"Of course,not.I'd just came here to check on Tiffany.She's my lil girl.I meant my lil sis."

"Oh,so..Is Tiffany like your real sis ?"he laughed.

"Of course not..By the way,I'm Azure Rafield..It's a pleasure to meet you.."he grabbed my hand and kissed it. OMG !How romantic!

"I'm Abigail Camryn,but you can call me Abby or Cam.."

"Well,since you are Tiffany's first friend I'll give you a special nickname,how about Camie ?" Am I blushing ?

"That's a beautiful nick name.I haven't seen you from any class.."

"We are in the same class.I'm the Gothic Boy who sits behind you.So,you're the new kid,right ?It must have been harsh for you because this is your first day,right ?"

"Yeah,well I can fought back people.It's not that hard."

"So,you are the one who was brave enough to punch Amenda.."

"I did it for Tiffany.She was the one who came and ruined our happy moments."

"Oh,well..I'll be going now..I'm kinda busy,because I need to help the teacher.I'm the teacher's favorite choice. "

He smiled and left the room.I stand up and tried to wake up Tiffany.When she woke up she hugged me tightly.."I had a nightmare.I was almost killed by some freaky black thingy.Then,someone hugged me then the black thingy ran away.

P/s:This is Tiffany.She is half Korean and half American.

Someday,I want to be like her beautiful.

When,I went home.I was tired.Then,I slept.

"Why did you sleep ?Did you miss me ?"

"I'm tired that's why I slept.Now,quit bothering me!I want to sleep !"he laughed.

"Where is our entertainment ?We want entertainment !"The was very tired..I ran to search the voice again..And yet I failed.

"Please..Can't you give me a moment to sleep?I'm very tired,today..I'll give you entertainment after I sleep in PEACE !

"Fine!But,If you want to sleep first search for me,by using your ears..You're not deaf aren't you ?"I  was searching that voice,I almost gave up..But,suddenly I saw a boy in front of me..

"Finally !There you are!Now,can you let me sleep?"he smiled. He looks like Azure..Is he Azure?

"I thought you'd never found me..Fine,a deal is a deal..You can sleep in peace now.."I smiled and fainted.

The next day,I went to school pretty much the same.When,I walked to school,I saw Azure and Tiffany..

"Tiffany !Azure !"I yelled.Both of them  looked at me and smiled.

"Oh!You walked to school too ?"Tiffany asked.

"Yeah,you too?"

"Of course!Next time,let's walk to school together !"Azure just  kept quiet.

"Umm,Azure..Are you okay?You seemed so quiet.."Azure just looked down and ignored my questions. Dude,a girl asked you if you are fine!Answer it! If only I can say that to his face,but I can't because Tiffany was there.

"Oh,Azure is just fine..He's just having a harsh time with his family.."Tiffany answer my question.

"I'm just fine..It's just I dislike..."Azure suddenly spoke.

"Dislike what ?Me ?Talking to girls that isn't half ?"I was so curious.

"It's not that..I dislike people that carries around a nightmare.."Then,Azure just left as both.

"hmm ?'carries around a nightmare' ?What does he mean ?Well,school is almost start let's get going" I looked at Tiffany's  face and smiled.

How..does he knows that..I always have nightmares..And bad ones..Is he the..boy ?

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