What we had, whatever it was is now history, it's nothing, I don't care if we were best friends, that means nothing to me now..


2. Selena

"Ashley, wake up" someone sung in my ear. i stirred and a small grined appeared on my face. i loved it when he sung, he was so good, he was just too self absorbed to admit it. "its like an angel came by and took me to heaven" he sung in my ear. a small chuckled escaped my lips and suddenly i was pushed onto the hard floor. "JUSTIN WHAT THE HELL" i screamed at him... he lay there laughing at me. "Gosh you couldve told me you were awake" he replied. i laughed and got up off the hard floor. "so what do you want to do today" ? he asked. "can we just stay here please" i replied. he nodded his head and got up and disappeared. i sat back on the couch and made my self more comfortable. Justin came back after 10 minutes in some sweats and no top. he was carrying 3 bowls of popcorn and some snacks. "Ready ma'am" he asked me, handing me the food. "Of course sir" i replied. he put a movie in the dvd player and joined me on the couch. "what are we watching" i asked him. "youll see" he replied, squeezing my cheek. "Justin, why on earth are we watching the conjuring" !! i screamed at him. "Because you look cute when your scared" he replied smirking. i leaned my head back, soaking in what he just said. after 3 more movies and 10 extra bowls of popcorn i feel asleep on justin's shoulder..



After 4 movies she fell asleep on my shoulder. she looked so cute when she sleep. I know it was wrong to look at her like this but i couldnt help it. She looks at me as a big brother, nothing else could ever happen. sometimes i wish we werent as close as we were so maybe i could one day call her mine, but i know that it will never happen. it breaks my heart knowing i wont be anything more than i already am to her. i should be happy im this close with her but.. i just sometimes wish i was more... a quiet beeping sound interrupted my thoughts. i reached into my pocket carefully, trying not to wake up Ashley. i pulled it out and looked at the caller ID. Selena. "hey babe" i whispered, trying to be quiet. "Hey Juju, why are you whispering" ? i told her where i was. "Oh, ok , well i was wondering if you wanted to go out for lunch today" ? i thought for a second. i loved being with Ashley but i knew Selena was jealous of all the attention i gave Ashley and i havent seen Selena for a while,. "sure baby, ill pick you up at 1" i smiled "ok, love you" she sung. i hung up. Sometimes i wish Ashley was My girlfriend and not Selena. Selena's great, perfect actually and i love her, but she can be annoying sometimes too. i quietly got off the couch and left Ashley a note saying where i was going. i kissed the top of her head and left.

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