What we had, whatever it was is now history, it's nothing, I don't care if we were best friends, that means nothing to me now..


4. oops

"ASH IM HERE" i froze, the note still firmly grasped in my hand. i stuffed it down my bra and chucked on the nearest pair of sweats i could find. i ran downstairs, the note uncomfortably scraping my boob. i re-ajusted my bra and met Miley at the bottom of the stairs. "wow, someones in a hurry, i was thinking we could go to starbucks" i nodded and skipped out the door and to the car, slaming the door. "ooops" i shouted. Miley jumped in the seat next to me and started the car. on the way there, the fox by ylvis started playing.. "OMG, I LOVE THIS SONG" !!! I screamed. we started being retards and singing along. We blasted the song and screamed even louder. By the time the song was over, we were at starbucks. i jumped out and hopped straight to the bathroom. i re-ajusted the note in my bra and skipped back out, hitting someone on the way. "Oh, im so sorry-" i looked up to find a grining Justin staring at me. "well, following me now are you" ?? i smiled and playfully hit him in the shoulder. "you wish" i laughed. i skipped back to Miley, who was sitting at a table waiting for me. i could hear Justin following close behind me. "oh, i see you found Justin" Miley said, with a bit of discust in her voice. What was wrong with her today, shes been up and down all day. oh well. i sat down and Justin pulled out a chair next to me. after 5 minutes i realised that if Justin was here, Selena had to be aswell. "Justin, wheres Selena" ? he froze "crap, shes here somewhere, ill go get her" i laughed as Justin ran off to find selena. after 3 minutes Justin came back red faced, with Selena glumly following behind. "oh, so this is why you disappeared for 10 minutes, huh"? Justin turned back and stared at her. i grabbed hihs arm and pulled him down. he sat on the chair next to me. Selena choose the seat directly opposite me. Miley just sat there on the verge of breaking into a fit of laughter. "so, what do we want to order"? i asked trying to ease the tension. Miley caught on and decided to order for everyone. Selena stopped her. "im just going to leave, i need to be somewhere, thats not here" She got up swiftly and left. Justin stared at the door she just left through. Miley left and ordered the drinks... i reajusted my shirt when something fell out. a little piece of paper, that rolled across the floor. Justin bent down to pick it up. i froze. oops

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