What we had, whatever it was is now history, it's nothing, I don't care if we were best friends, that means nothing to me now..


6. Of couse Bieber

"WHERE THE HELL ARE MY SWEATS"?? i screamed for no one in particular to hear. after looking and not finding my favourite pairs of sweats i decided to go down and watch tv. Blah blah Brian Griffin's dead, fights in syria, Beyonce pregnant.. WAIT WHAT !!?? i turned it up and realized that my wife (figuritvely) Beyonce was pregnant.. pfft. "she missed out on THIS" I SAID, pointing to myself. i chuckled at my own joke and decided to call up Ashley to see if she wanted to hang out.. i pulled out my phone and looked at my lockscreen. it was a photo of me and Ashley at my 15th birthday. 


it was the day of my 15th birthday and chaz, Ryan, Christian, Selena and Ashley were over for my party. i didnt want to invite too many people, this was perfect. After Chaz had eaten all the food we decided to play a game of spin the bottle. i grabbed and empty coke bottle and sat down. i spun and it landed on Chaz. " i dare you to put on a strip show" i challenged Chaz. he smiled and turned towards Ash, who was now about to fall into a fit of laughter. Chaz always liked Ashley and Ashley has always had something for Chaz. i was a little jealous at times, but she was my best friend and has been since kindergarten, i wasnt going to let anyone know that. Chaz was in the middle of unbuckling his pants when i decided that this was enough. i stood up and clipped his belt back up and told him to sit down. everyone else was laughing uncontrollablly and Chaz was grinning from ear to ear. once they had all calmed down and stopped clutching their belly i habded chaz the bottle. everyone started paying attention as Chaz spun it. it landed on selena. "Make out with Justin" Chaz said. Ryan whistle and i mentally slapped him. i have always like Selena, she was smoking hot, but not exactly my type. her personality was a bit,, urggghh . but a dare was a dare. i leaned over to kiss selena and it was..... yuck, but she was still hot so i carried on anyway. i deepened the kiss and eentually ryan had to pry us apart. i smiled and selena waved. i looked to Ashley who was Grinning widely. She knew how big of a crush i had on selena. she leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Hahaha, having fun" ?? i smiled, she knew me to well. She sat back down and Selena spun the bottle. It landed On Ashley. "Make out with Christian" she smiled. Christian loooooved Ashley, but Ashley looked at him as a little brother. Chaz's face dropped and I decided to stop it right there. I stood up and smashed a cup. "SHHHHHOOOTS" i screamed. Ryan caught on and picked up Christian and took him away to get the drinks. "Thankyou" myah whispered to me, giving me a hug. "Go ask her now, i know you want to" i smiled and kissed her forehead. she was like my little sister. Had been since kindergarten. She meant everything to me, the closest thing i have ever had to a proper family. she meant so much, i went through everything with her.  When i fell out of the tree, she was there to help me. When i was sick, she would come over with soup. She was with me right by my side, it has been that way ever since we met. When my mom and dad divorced she was right there, she was the shoulder i cried on and the person that made me happy. i was pulled out of my thoughts by ryan tapping me on the shoulder. "Birthday boy first" he shouted oer the blaring music he mustve turned on. i smiled and took the shot from him. it burned my throat. i took another one.. and another. i pulled out my phone and took way to many photos, some goofy and some quite disturbing.. that was the last thing i remeber from that night...


*****************END OF FLASHBACK*************

i smiled remembering the memorie. i was now 17, but that was by far the best birthday ever. i searched my contacts and found the one i was looking for. 

"Hello" she answered

"Heeeeey beautiful, wanna hang"? i asked

"Ew Justin please.. nah lol sure, ill come over now" i could sense her smile over the phone.

"see you soon" i hung up.

5 minutes later i heard the door open. 

"JUUUUUUUUUUUSTIN" i heard Ashley scream.

"In here" i yelled. she skipped in and put her bag on the couch and jumped down next to me. I pulled out the x-box and we started to play Just Dance. Ashley was pretty good but im way better. "Give up Ashley , your going to lose anyway" i screamed. "You wish Bieber" she sung. she started twerking for some unknown reason, which made me go into a fit of laughter. i started twerking with her and soon we had choreographed a dance. "Hahaha amazing" she stated after watching our video play back. "Hahaha i know i am" i replied. she looked at me and laughed. "Of course bieber, of course"....

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