Uninvited guests

Meet Kalea a 12 year old but while she is at home with her best friend Maddie the doorknob turn and then it happened it could of happened to any one but in this case it happened to her


2. goodbye

It was October 31st. day of the dead or Halloween as most people call it. Anyways I wasnt able to go trick or treating cause of cougar sightings on our street. Instead Maddie came to sleep over. my mom and dad were going too Paris for 2 weeks. So I was home alone "we wont be back for two weeks but you will be just fine and you have Maddie" said my mom "and no one over exept for maddie" said my dad shortly after my mom. "I know dad " I was kinda scared I have never been left at home alone for this  long. But I was not able too admit it. I could ruin their trip to paris so I said well you better get going. My step dad agreed and went to the car "you will be fine call me if you need anything and your brothers at your grandmas so it will be just you and Maddie I love you bye" my mom said with her sweet soothing voice "love you bye mom" I answered the door shut and they were gone. Maddie said in an exited tone "we have the whole house to our selfs arent you exited"  "yea yay" i said kinda mummbiling

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