Mind Games

Alex Johns and Derek Morris are two of many who were picked to be a part of what survivors call "The Mind Games". There are a series of rooms, with something planned in each and every one of them. Some can be good, like new weapons, or bad, like vicious monsters. Some rooms trick you into believing something that isn't as it seems. Win, and Survive, Lose, and Die. Your decisions will decide on if you die, or live. How will these complete strangers do in this "Brain Teaser."


6. Perfect Night



             I got a shower and pulled on black leggings, an over-sized sweater, and combat boots. I put on a little bit of makeup and let my hair down, with it's natural curls. I smiled in the mirror and ran downstairs.

"Jaylinn, hurry! We're gonna be late!"

"Coming sweetie!"

She came running down, smiling.

"Ready?" she said.

"Yep," I replied.

We hopped in her car and stopped to grab an iced coffee. When we reached the spa, we got out and practically ran inside like two little kids going to a toy store. We smiled and sat in our chairs after changing into our gowns.


****4 Hours Later****


       We reached the Italian restaurant after picking up Derek. We got into a booth, me and Derek on one side, and Jaylinn on the other. She kept smiling at us weirdly. Derek and I decided to split Spaghetti and Jaylinn ordered a hoagie. After dinner ended we all split a sundae and headed off to the movies. She paid for all of our tickets and went into her theater while we went into ours after buying popcorn and drink.

****3 Hours Later***

             The movie was pretty good actually. After our movie we had to wait another hour for Jaylinn's movie to end, because hers started an hour after ours. Derek and I sat outside,  staring at a mountain in the distance.

"I miss Brady... He meant everything to me," I said, sadly.

"Awe... C'mere," Derek said, wrapping his arms around me.

We stayed like that for awhile, before I turned around, staring straight at him. Seconds go by, and as soon as we know it, we're face to face. He stared at my lips for a second before pressing them against mine.

When we pulled away, Derek mumbled, "Sorry," blushing.

"Don't be," I said, laughing softly.

I laid my head on Derek's shoulder and before we knew it, Jaylinn came out, and insisted Derek sleep over, taking us home.

Tonight. Was. Perfect.

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