Mind Games

Alex Johns and Derek Morris are two of many who were picked to be a part of what survivors call "The Mind Games". There are a series of rooms, with something planned in each and every one of them. Some can be good, like new weapons, or bad, like vicious monsters. Some rooms trick you into believing something that isn't as it seems. Win, and Survive, Lose, and Die. Your decisions will decide on if you die, or live. How will these complete strangers do in this "Brain Teaser."


7. Last Vote Day


          I woke up in Derek's arms; the perfect wake up. I kissed his cheek softly, waking him up.

"Good morning," he said, smiling.

"Good morning," I said in return, "C'mon we're going to be late."

              He let me up and I walked to my closet, picking out a flannel t-shirt an leggings with my combat boots. I went into the bathroom and showered. I pulled my hair up into a messy bun and applied natural-looking makeup. I walked out and put on my combat boots as Derek pulled on a shirt. I smiled at him as he ran his hand though his hair, creating a messy, but cute look.

"C'mere." he said, laughing.

"You'll have to catch me first!" I giggled and ran out of my door.

            He ran after me and after a short period of time, he grabbed my waist and held me bridal style. I giggled and he carried me downstairs. We ate breakfast and walked over, lining up for the third time. I began to get nervous.

"What if we get chosen?" I asked.

"Don't think about it."

"Welcome everybody!" Jane said, "And welcome to the third and final day of voting!"

"Today," Rob stated, "2 of you will get chosen. Let the voting begin!"

He walked over to the bowl and unfolded the slip, handing it to Jane.

"Thanks Rob," she said, reading it, "And the slip says... Derek Morris. Please come up."

           My heart dropped. He let go of my hand and walked up bravely. I stared directly at him, as he stared at me.

Rob picked out another slip and this time, directly handed it to Jane without reading it.

"...Alex Morris. Please come on up."

I let go of Jaylinn's hand and slowly walked up, taking my place in between Derek and Brady, holding back my tears.

"Okay everybody. These are our 12 bravest members. Now, you'll get tonight and tomorrow to say goodbye, then have them return the next morning at 7 am. Make sure that you say a good, meaningful goodbye. Only 4 will return. Thanks, and see you soon," she said, as Rob and  her walked off the stage.

             I ran off of the stage and ran all the way home, crying hot tears. I ran into my bed after slipping off my shoes, and under my covers. I heard someone come into the door.

"Go away." I said, after gaining enough breath to do so.

I peeked my hear out from under the blanket to see Derek standing there.

"Sweetie, can I come in?"
I nodded, crying again. He rushed over and laid down, laying me on him and comforting me.

"It's going to be okay..." he whispered.

Hey guys(: So, in the next chapter, you'll learn about who all made it, and what their skill is. Including Alex, Derek, and Brady. Trust me, you guys will hopefully like it(: Just hang in there and it'll be worth it(: Thanks!:)


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