Hold It Against Me (A Prussia love story)

"Mein awesome self deserves a name in return keines mädchen." He said in an annoyed manner not liking that he had been played for a fool by giving her his awesome name but she never giving hers in return. A small smirk slipped onto June's face, "Now that, you'll have to work for."


1. [hapter 1~ He, who calls himself Prussia




 Choking, he trashed around desperately. His lungs burned, yet he knew he had no need for air. Breathing was a luxury he reminded himself slowly letting his crimson eyes open under the murky water. Silver hair floated around him as he stopped all air from escaping his body. 'I can't die...I can't die...' He thought halting his struggle all together as he was forced to the surface. Air came rushing in forcefully, burning his lungs as he desperately tried to hack up the fishy lake water. "How are you not dead yet!? What sort of demon are you!!?" His assailant, a man from one of the near by villages, roared shaking the boy's small fragile frame. Glaring at the mere farmer a coy smirk quivered onto his pale lips. "I'm the greatest Empire that will ever live." The silver hair boy rasped, using the rest of his strength to slam his knee up into the man's vital regions. Dropping him back into the water, the boy slowly sank thrusting his arms around him uselessly. Shutting his eyes tightly he suddenly regretted not letting Germania teach him to swim. Strong arms suddenly grabbed the collar of his soaked shirt hoisting him out of the water. Spitting water out, his red eyes slowly looked up to see a serious man with long blonde hair and cold blue eyes. "V-Vati....." The boy stuttered out still coughing, tears starting to spring from the corners of his eyes. "What were you doing stupid! How many times must I beat it in your idiotic head that you must stay away from the villages!" The man growled angrily, plopping the boy down on the river bank. "Go home." He said harshly, annoyance plain on his face. The boy stood there, staring at his feet to avoid contact. He slowly wiped his arm across his face. Gilbert still couldn't believe that they'd had tried to kill him again...just because of his awesome eyes.

          The lights flashed brightly, swirling in all different directions, making a dizzying affect. Hordes of people danced to the music, the smell of sweat and alcohol overpowered anything else that could have smelled slightly pleasant. Glow sticks illumined the people dancing, having an almost other worldly affect on the entire party. "IT'S A LITTLE LOUD IN HERE DON'T YOU THINK!?" June screamed over the bass that throbbed in her head. Turning to June, her friend looked at her grinning widely. "YES!" She screamed back excitedly which made June frown slightly. How did she end up getting dragged into this mess in the first place? Daisy, her best friend back in the states, figured that the only way they should spend their free time as exchange students was to go to all of the outrageous parties and concerts available in Berlin. It wasn't that she didn't oppose not having fun, June just wasn't here for kicks. She was serious about getting a head in life....she wasn't looking for any romance of the sort. Something Daisy neglected to understand was that she thought men were a complete waste of time. Egoistic, arrogant, and idiotic. Letting out a sigh, she pushed through the mob and over toward where she hoped was the bar. She didn't think anyone could survive in all this noise without at least one drink. Weaving her way though sweaty, glittery people she managed to make it to the jam packed bar. Squeezing her way in between two men she was able to find a little breathing space. "What can I get for ya!?" The bartender raised his voice over the music looking at June. Opening her mouth to answer she was suddenly cut off, "A Budweiser und whatever drink she's having." Turning, her green eyes met a pair of red ones. The eyes, she noticed, belonged to a male a foot or so taller then her with distracting silver hair and sharp features. A smirk slid onto his face as he watched her watching him. She turned toward the bartender quickly, "Er....I'll have the same." She scrambled, blush dusting her cheeks out of embarrassment. Coming up to the bar, he leaned against it looking at her. "Uh....thanks for the drink." June grumbled, not really liking the idea of owing him a drink. "Ja, well don't worry about it mein awesome self has it covered." He stated winking slightly. June glanced back at the bartender starting to get impatient. She didn't want to be 'alone' with him. He was cute until he opened his mouth, she grimaced as her own thoughts betrayed her by just admitting that he was even cute. "Oi! What's your name anyway?" He asked, crossing his arms smugly as she turned his attention back to him. Narrowing her eyes she looked at him suspiciously, deciding to play his game she looked back at him with a slight smug look of her own. "What about you? You have a name." "Mein awesomeness does indeed have a name-" "Then out with it if your so eager to learn mine." She countered watching as a slightly surprised look on his face turned into one of pure interest. His sly smirk widening as he watched her, "Gilbert. Gilbert Beilschmidt." June thought for a second after he said that, thinking the name oddly suited him. "Well, Mr. Beilschmidt, thanks for the drink!" She said, taking her beer off the counter and heading back toward the crowd quickly. She felt a cold hand grab her wrist making her almost spill her beer. "Mein awesome self deserves a name in return keines mädchen*." He said in an annoyed manner not liking that he had been played for a fool by giving her his awesome name but she never giving hers in return. A small smirk slipped onto June's face, "Now that, you'll have to work for." 

A/N: I hoped everyone liked my first chapter here! Thank you for reading!!!   
* -little girl


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