He's the father

Chloe Starlight is a 18 year old girl in love with Louis, but when he is on tour and she finds out something about her that might change things forever, she starts to panic. Will Louis leave her, will he stay with her? Find out, by reading 'He's the father'.


8. What Happened?

I woke up in a white dull quiet room, is this heaven? I try and move my hand but there is something heavy holding it down. I look down at my hand and i see a familiar person asleep with drool down their lip holding onto my hand, Louis. All i could think about is what happened? I can only remember that Louis and I got into an argument and i drove off somewhere, but i couldn't remember anything after that.

I try and sit up, but the pain in my lower back hurts, I gasp in pain which make my heart monitor go off and ends up waking Louis up. He looked like crap, he had red puffy eyes, tears staining his cheeks and messy hair. He still looked kind of cute though. He looked up at me, like he was suprised to see me. "Louis, is that you? What happened? Where am I? Why am I here?" I said in a quiet raspy voice, still freaked out at the fact that I have no clue why I am in here. He sighed and spoke. "Yes sweetheart it is me, calm down and i will get the doctor to explain everything to you".I started to get ticked off at the fact that he wont tell me anything, so i picked up my tone a little bit, a bit louder and more clearer than i was before. "No i want you to tell me what happened Lou!! Not a silly old doctor. I'm going to ask again, what happened!?"

He looked down at his hands, avoiding eye contact with me and spoke again. "Well you were in the middle of telling me that you are pregnant when i got the thought of you cheating on me in my head, and thats when i was yelling and screaming at you to leave me alone and that you are lying about the fact that you are pregnant, and i said for you to leave. So you left in the car and I was watching a movie on T.V when the news popped up saying that there has been a car crash and it was you" He said in between sobs.

I couldnt move. I couldnt even look at him. I couldnt even say anything. I looked down at my stomach and realised that there was no small baby bump anymore, is Louis not telling me something that i really should know? I looked up from my stomach, looked him straight iin the eyes and asked Louis in a clear voice. "Why dont I have a baby bump anymore? Did the baby make it? ANSWER ME LOUIS!!!!!!!" He didnt say anything, he looked up at me and started to cry again.

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