He's the father

Chloe Starlight is a 18 year old girl in love with Louis, but when he is on tour and she finds out something about her that might change things forever, she starts to panic. Will Louis leave her, will he stay with her? Find out, by reading 'He's the father'.


62. Chapter 61

Calista's P.O.V

I awoke to the sound of my alarm blaring off, I groaned, rolled over and turned it off.

I rubbed my eyes and sat up, and noticed Liam wasn't next to me, where is he?

I sighed and noticed there was a note on the pillow next to me.


Gone to get the others, will be home in an hour, don't stress so much about today

stay safe baby, there's breakfast made for you downstairs.

Much love

- L xx

I smiled down at the note and placed it on my night stand.

I unwrapped myself from my blankets and hopped out of bed, walking into the closet, finding my long black dress with flowery lace cut outs on the back. I took it out of the closet and laid it on my bed, with my pair of black pumps.

I rushed over to my bathroom and chucked the robe on and walked out of the bedroom, heading downstairs where I could hear voices.

'They're back already, geesh that was quick.'

I made my way down to the last step, when I saw all the boys, Perrie, Ashlee and a new girl with red hair and quite a few freckles showing on her skin standing beside Louis.

They all turned their heads in my direction, and gave me a sympathetic look, even the new girl

I showed a small smile and walked into the kitchen, making some tea for the boys and girls

After the kettle had boiled, Liam walked into the kitchen and watched me.

I poured the hot water into the 8 cups and let the tea bags sit until they were set enough to take out.

I placed the kettle back on the stand and just stood there, staring at the wall.

I wish my father hadn't died, then I wouldn't be in this situation. It still hasn't dawned on me that he passed away a month ago, it hasn't fully taken its toll on me at al yet. Im so scared, what is my other sibling going to say when she sees me?

'Oh, your my other sister. Thank god they put you up for adoption, cause who would want to stand someone like you.'

I couldn't take it anymore, I let the thoughts take over my mind and let the tears pour down my eyes. I watched as my tears dripped down onto the bench.

'They never loved you, Calista. They never wanted to have you. Your other sister was perfect for them'

'Your too ugly to be their daughter'

"JUST STOP!" I yelled to my thoughts. I don't care who heard me, I was in pain and I couldn't just stand here, I ran off to mine and Liam's room, shut the door whilst locking it and letting the tears pour down my eyes

'Why cant I be loved, like my other sibling has been?'

'Why couldn't I be apart of their family.'

'What made them hate me?'

I ran over to the lamp and tossed it against the wall, watching it smash into pieces. I walked over to the duchess and threw the mirror into the wall, watching that smash as well. It felt good, to be able to let my emotions out.

I was about to throw my valuable vase, when I heard a faint knock on the door.

"Chloe? Its me, Harry."

I threw the vase onto the bed near my dress and quietly walked over to the door.

"Yy-yes Har-rry?" I croaked

"Please don't shut us out, let me in. Please? Were worried about you"

I ignored his protest.

I creaked open the door and noticed everyone was outside my door.

They all gave me worried glances.

I looked around for Liam and ran up to him, engulfing him in a hug.

I let quiet sobs escape, whilst listening to his gentle words trying to soothe me down. I was about to pull away, when everyone crowded in the hug, saying they love me. I just stayed where I was and cried.

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