He's the father

Chloe Starlight is a 18 year old girl in love with Louis, but when he is on tour and she finds out something about her that might change things forever, she starts to panic. Will Louis leave her, will he stay with her? Find out, by reading 'He's the father'.


48. Chapter 48

Chloe's P.O.V

I was downstairs chatting with Ashlee when I heard my mobile phone go off. I grabbed my phone and excused myself from the table and walked up to Liam's room and answered the phone.

UK- Unknown C-Chloe

C- "Hello"

UK- "Hi there is this Chloe Starlight?"

C- "Yes it is, why may you ask?"

UK- "This is Luke Summonds from the Adoption agency, we have in our records that you were adopted by Lissa Starlight and Brad Starlight"

I gasped 

C- "Uh, I never knew i was adopted, why must you bring this up now?"

UK- "Well we received an email saying that your biological father Bruce Kelly has passed away last Thursday night. We were told that in his will it was to be passed down to his daughter and hoping that you'd forgive him"

I face palmed myself and sighed.

C- "when and where is the funeral at? I want to talk to his wife. What is her name?"

I heard a pause then Luke came back

UK- "Well the funeral is held at Wemberly Castle on the 31st September. His wife's name is Angelica Kelly her address is 21 Lucy Vale, London."

I grabbed a pen and wrote it down on a piece of paper and nodded.

C- "Thank you. Does she know I'm coming to visit her?"

UK-"Sadly no ma'am, you will have to visit her and talk to her. I will send out the adoption papers and all that information so you can show proof that your her daughter. It's been 18 years since she gave you away, I don't think she would remember you love."

C- "okay thank you, so when i receive the papers I will go over."

UK- "Sounds like a fine plan ma'am.'

C- "Okay, thanks for that. Uh one question, why wasn't I informed of this when I was younger?"

UK- "By what Mr Kelly has said in his will, he didn't want to tell you until you were 18 years old."

C- "Okay, thank you Mr Summonds"

UK- "That's okay Miss Starlight. The information will be sent out right away.Thank you for your time, and I'm sorry to hear about your father. Good day ma'am."

Then the phone line went dead. I stood there motionless with my phone in my hand. I'm adopted why me? why didn't my parents love me enough to keep me?


I grabbed my phone and walked down stairs and walked over to Ashlee and sat next to her ignoring the stares I was receiving.

"Who was that on the phone Chloe?"

I looked around the room and sighed.

"Can i talk to you and Liam outside?"

She nodded. She walked outside while I walked into the living room and tapped Liam on the shoulder. He looked up from me and smiled.

"Whats wrong hun?"

"Uhm sorry to bother you, but I need to talk to you and Ashlee outside, it's kinda important."

"Sure, I'll meet you out there."

"Why don't we get to hear it aswell Chloe, are you keeping a secret from us, your friends?" I glanced up at Louis and smiled.

"I'll tell the rest of you when the time is right, but right now I'm still in shock. I promise I'll tell youse when I'm ready."

They all cheered and went back to watching their movie.

I walked out of the living room with Liam following behind me.

I walked outside and sat on the step beside Ashlee, while Liam sat on the other side of me.

"What is it you need to tell us Chloe?"

I sighed and shoved my head in my hands holding back the tears.

"I got a phone call from the adoption agency just previously and I got told that my biological father has passed away last Thursday. I asked why I should know, and they informed me that I'm adopted."

i looked up at them and they just sat there saying nothing.

I sighed and walked back inside and up into Liam's room. I lied on his bed and closed my eyes.

Why me?


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