He's the father

Chloe Starlight is a 18 year old girl in love with Louis, but when he is on tour and she finds out something about her that might change things forever, she starts to panic. Will Louis leave her, will he stay with her? Find out, by reading 'He's the father'.


41. Chapter 41

Chloe's P.O.V

That was it. It all lead down to this day. The day I've been dreading the most. The day I didn't want to approach. I get to go home after two years. I was nervous and scared, where would I go? where would I stay? Ughhh. I glanced down at my socks and sighed to myself. I don't want to go home, they've all probably forgotten about me. Louis has probably moved on and happily married to another girl and the lads have possibly found themselves a new girl best friend, I don't want to be living on the streets for the next year.

That's right, Army training is finally over and I get a gap year before I go back. I sure will miss it, but I think its for the best to settle things out. Maybe if i can sort things out with the lads I would have less weight on my shoulders. I glanced up from my socks when I accidentally knocked into someone.

"oof, watch where your going"

I looked up and smiled. 

"Ashlee, so good to see you."

She straightened out her uniform and hugged me. She pulled away and laced her arm inside mine.

"I know right. Separate companies are so suckful. What you doing anyways girl? You should be happy that you get to leave for a while."  

I nodded and sighed. 

"Its so complicated Leesh (Ashlee's nickname), I have no one to go home to except for my boring apartment which is right next door to my ex fiancee. But he probably doesn't live there anymore, which is probably great."

She pulled us to a stop and looked at me.

"Why don't i spend the year with you at your apartment? Your not lonely, I'm not lonely and it would be great fun." She smiled with glee.

"you know, that sounds like a great Idea. Let's do it."

She clapped wildly and hugged me tight. Still smiling wickedly.

"What time does your plane leave? Mines in 2 hours."

Ashlee shot up at me and gasped.

"I havent booked a ticket babes, I was suppose to; but i never got around to it. How am I suppose to go with you now?"

I laughed and nudged her.

"Your just lucky. I always buy two just in case I lose one. You can use one and I can use another."

She squealed and jumped on my back.

"Oh Chloe, your an amazing friend. I better bring my clothes down to the loading room. Would you please help me?"

I laughed and pushed her off me. 

'Sure thing"

She grabbed my arm and pulled me into her dorm. 




~~ 3 hours later ~~

"Leesh, wake up! we've landed." I gently shook her.

She yawned and sat up straight.

"Oh right. Where is everyone?"

I looked around and laughed.

"They all pilled off the plane before you idiot. Now lets go. We still have to unpack and organise everything."

She shot up and ran off the plane.

"Leesh wait up!"

She continued laughing and boarded off the plane with her luggage towing behind.



As we waited near the cafeteria we noticed a large number of people gathering around one pacific terminal.

I tapped Ashlee on the side and she looked up at me.

"Whats wrong Chloe?"

I shrugged at her question and pointed towards the terminal 

"What's going on over there?"

She gulped down her coffee and replied.

"Oh some British pop band are returning home today. One Dictation or something like that. Beats me."

I faced her and held in a scream.

"Do you mean One Direction are landing here very soon?"

She nodded at me viciously.

"Why whats wrong?"

I shook my head multiple times and grabbed my luggage and grabbed her hand.

"We have to go, now. My ex fiancee is in that band. I don't want to see and listen to his sorry ass. And right now, I don't want the drama. Can we please go Leesh?"

I started feeling queezy and light headed, before I knew it I blacked out.

I couldn't feel anything, all I could see was black.

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