He's the father

Chloe Starlight is a 18 year old girl in love with Louis, but when he is on tour and she finds out something about her that might change things forever, she starts to panic. Will Louis leave her, will he stay with her? Find out, by reading 'He's the father'.


28. Chapter 28

Chloe's P.O.V

I rumaged through my closet and i came across a red short dress that stops mid-thigh. I looked at it and nodded. This will have to do. I looked at the time and noticed i had 20 minutes to get ready. I walked over to my bathroom and turned the curling iron on and waited for it to heat up. I rummaged through the makeup that was on the counter top and deicded to do a light smokey theme to bring out my bright green eyes, i then applied a small amount of foundation and a little dab of pink lipgloss, I smiled at my apperance and started curling my hair. I turned the curling iron off and walked out of the bathroom and slipped on my dress and zipped it up. I then chucked on my black heels and looked myself in the mirror. Perfect. I grabbed my phone from my nightstand and grabbed my clutch and chucked in my credit card, my house keys, my phone and my reading glasses. I double checked myself and made my way out of my bedroom. I heard some laughter in the lounge room, i wonder who it is. I quietly made my way down the stairs and peeked around and saw all the boys an d the girls here all looking fabulous. I looked around and i couldnt see Louis, I quietly sneaked my way into the kitchen and saw Louis in there chatting with Niall. Niall looked around behind Louis and looked over at me, i smiled and did a small wave. I walked up behind Lou, and placed my right arm around his torso. "Hey guys, i thought me and Lou were picking you all up?" I asked confused. Lou looked down at me and kissed my head and chuckled. "Well the rest of us were ready, so we decided to ring Lou and see if we can all meet here, he agreed so here we are." I giggled at Niall's response and smiled. "Well I'm here now, did you want to head off before it gets too late?" I asked. They nodded, i pulled away from Louis and made my way into the lounge room I looked over at the girls and they were looking gorgeous standing there chatting to themselves.


I made my way over to them and said "Hey girls, were about to head off in a minute, so grab your stuff and we'll be on our way." They all smiled and grabbed their clutches. I walked back into the kitchen and told Louis and Niall that i will take the girls to the resturant and meet youse all there. They nodded and said we'll see youse there. I kissed Louis cheek and walked over to the girls. "Well I've decided that i shall drive us there and meet the boys there and see who gets there first, sound okay with youse?" They giggled and smiled. "Hell yeah! Let's go." Sarah yelled. We made our way down to my white BMW and hopped in, Sarah sat in the passenger seat, Perrie and Madi sat in the middle and Giselle and Megan sat in the back. I turned the car on and reversed out of the drive way and made our way down the main street. I turned the radio on and blasted the music, next thing that happened, we never expected. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" was all i heard until i blackened out.

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