He's the father

Chloe Starlight is a 18 year old girl in love with Louis, but when he is on tour and she finds out something about her that might change things forever, she starts to panic. Will Louis leave her, will he stay with her? Find out, by reading 'He's the father'.


14. Chapter 14

Chloe's P.O.V still....

We all were on the tour bus except for Louis, Harry suggested that he took Louis home with him and let him calm down, before he could hurt anyone else anymore. We arrived at the hotel, no one dareing to speak. Paul unlocked the door and I walked up into the bathroom and looked myself in the mirror. I had a black eye that was very swollen, the ice pack didnt help out much. My hair was a mess, my mascara was stained on my cheeks in streaks from my tears, my face was pale and my nice blue shirt was covered in mascara smudges.

I decided to take a shower. I stripped down until i was naked and stepped into the shower and let the warm water soothe my body. I stood under the water looking at my flat stomach and cried. I then sighed and turned the water off. I stepped out of the shower, dried myself off and got dressed into my PJ's. I walked into my room and unlocked my phone. I had a message from Sarah, my best friend. Gosh i missed her so much.

From Saraaaah <3:

Chloe? Where are you? I haven't seen or heard from you in nearlly a year. I miss you hun. When you get the message please text me back.

I sighed and replied.

To Saraaaah <3:

Hey Hun, I just recieved your message. I'm sorry I haven't spoken to you in soooo long, I've had a lot of drama I've had to deal with. Why don't you, me, Perrie, Giselle and Megan go out for coffee tomorrow and go shopping that way you can meet the girls and be able to catch up?.

I sent the message and waited half an hour and got a reply.

From Saraaah <3

Yeah sure, wait! Who is Giselle and Megan? Meet me at Zarraffas coffee at 10:30am? The one just around the corner from my place.

I smiled and replied back.

To Saraaaah <3:

Megan is Nialls girlfriend. They're so cute together and Giselle is Liam's girlfriend. Danii and Liam broke up ages ago. And yeah sure thing. See you there. Byeee xx

I locked my phone and looked at the time. 2:45 in the morning, wholy crap!. I walked downstiars and said goodnight to the girls and the boys and walked back upstairs and went to sleep.

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