Hello my names Angel. Although I'm the complete opposite. They should have just named me Satan and sent me to hell. I'm not nice. I hate everyone. I'm still in school. People get beat up everyday by me. I hate school. Teachers hate me. Just the perfect life for a rebel like me. When my whole worlds crashing down no one will save me wanna know why? Cause the five people who I thought liked me are…… well I can't tell you but they've been brain washed by their leader. (One Direction not famous)


8. Chapter 8

Once we got back to his house I went to get a drink of water. I heard some one talking so I pressed my ear against the door. "So Lou? You gonna hit dat tonight?" Harry said and I spit out my water and started coughing. They came rushing in and Louis helped me up. "Are you ok?"

"No I just heard something gross."

"Oh haha sorry." Harry said scratching the back of his neck. "I was just teasing Lou."

"It's ok I was worried for a second."

"Wait are you a virgin?"

"I'd rather not answer that." I said and Harry gave Louis a smirk and left the kitchen. "Umm care to tell me why he smirked after that?"

"Harry's just a major pervert and he thinks it's my dreams to take someone's virginity away."

"Ha, well good luck with me. I'm a tough cookie to crack."

"Haha I can tell, but no I'm not after sex. I really like you Angel."

"Awe I really like you too Louis." I said and he grabbed me by the waist and kissed me.

"Woah sorry to be a cock block but us boys have to go get food." Niall said a little paler than normal.

"Can I come?"

"Uhh no I think we are good, not meaning to be rude." He said raising his hands in defense.

"Alright then. Tell me when you get back Lou."I said and went home. I really want a new tattoo. I was sitting in my room for about an hour until I realized what new tattoo I wanted. No I don't get a tattoo every day, it's every other week. But this would be in the same week. Who cares. I grabbed my keys and drove to Flames. I got the tattoo of the word Truth on my hip in Chinese. I have no clue why I got it. It reminds me of innocents. Which most people would think I'm the badass biker chick who goes to every party and has one night stands once a week. Which I'm not. I'm just the badass biker chick who's not a slut, who's still a virgin, and I'm completely rude. You can say I've never really felt any feelings for anyone since I was born pretty much. I've just been filled with anger my whole life. It's been bottled up inside me for the longest time till I was 15. I lashed out telling people off, beating people up, skipping school, smoking weed, and getting arrested. Yes I've gotten arrested. Once, and it wasn't even my fault. This bitch got me angry and she was a goody two shoes. It's really not my fault honestly she started it. I paid the tattoo man and left to go home. I was parked across the parking lot and it's a little ways of a walk. "Well well well boys look who we have here. Well it's ms. Badass Dane herself." One of the jocks from my school said coming closer.

"Get away from me."

"Oh come on you know you want this."

"The only thing I want is you dead."

"Why so you can fuck my dead body? Are you that kinky?"

"No that's fucking gross." I said reaching my car.

"Oh come on baby." He said pushing me up against my car.

"Well if you wanna have babies I suggest you get away from me."


"Cause I'll cut your dick off, stuff it in your mouth, sew your mouth shut, and set you on fire."

"Oh that's kinky." He said kissing my neck. I kneed him in the nuts and he tumbled over. I got in my car and speed home. Once I got there I ran upstairs and took a boiling hot shower to rid his germs.

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