Hello my names Angel. Although I'm the complete opposite. They should have just named me Satan and sent me to hell. I'm not nice. I hate everyone. I'm still in school. People get beat up everyday by me. I hate school. Teachers hate me. Just the perfect life for a rebel like me. When my whole worlds crashing down no one will save me wanna know why? Cause the five people who I thought liked me are…… well I can't tell you but they've been brain washed by their leader. (One Direction not famous)


13. Chapter 13

"Honey open up." My mom said sweetly.

"No fucking thanks bitch." I said laying down on my bed.

"Look I know you hate us but please give us another chance. We never meant to hurt you we just thought it was for the best to keep you away from… well I can't tell you, but please open up this door I really need to talk to you."

"That's what you're doing right now."

"I mean in person."

"We are in person dumbass."

"Like face to face."

"Why not face to door?"

"Cause I need to show you someone and something goddamnit!" She said raising her voice and I smirked. I knew I had angered her and it's funny when she's mad. I opened my door and she tackled me in hug and pulled me down stairs.

"You've grown." Was all my dad said.

"Of course you would be looking at my body."

"ANGEL!" My mother screamed at me and I started laughing.

"Ok so what the fuck do you want to show me and tell me mother?"

"Boys!" She said and these two really cute boys came out. "These boys are going to be your body guards. This is James and Charlie." She said pointing to them.

"So why are they my body guards and how old are they?"

"They are protecting you from some people and they are 17 don't try anything Angel I know how you are." She said pointing a finger at me. She thinks I'm a slut to.

"Alright." I said and she hugged me before turning to my dad then he hugged me.

"We have to go but we'll see you in a few months or sooner alright?"

"Ight bye." I said and they left me alone once again. I turned to Charlie and James. "I'm Angel, now go fuck yourselfs." I said and went upstairs to my room. I jumped in the air and landed on my back and onto my bed. Then Charlie and James waltzed into my room. "Yes?"

"If we are going to protect you we need to share a room and you can't be a virgin." Charlie said while smirking.

"Uhh I'm not a virgin."

"Yes you are your mom told us."

"My mom doesn't know shit."

"So if we had sex right now you wouldn't be a virgin?" James said stepping closer to me and putting his hands on my ass and squeezed.

"I don't see why it takes both of you to check?" I said removing his hands from my bum.

"Gotta make sure you're not a virgin all ways. Which includes your ass and mouth too." Charlie whispered into my ear and I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Well shit. I turned around and seen a dude.

"You should have listened to them." He said and I blacked out.

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