Hello my names Angel. Although I'm the complete opposite. They should have just named me Satan and sent me to hell. I'm not nice. I hate everyone. I'm still in school. People get beat up everyday by me. I hate school. Teachers hate me. Just the perfect life for a rebel like me. When my whole worlds crashing down no one will save me wanna know why? Cause the five people who I thought liked me are…… well I can't tell you but they've been brain washed by their leader. (One Direction not famous)


10. Chapter 10

Once I woke up and seen that Lou was still here which shocked me because the only person who knew of my scars ran always and never talked to me again. I was considered a freak, but then again aren't we all freaks in a way? Like the fake ass Barbie dolls who wake up at two in the morning to look like a clown all day or those people who try to hard to be cool and end up looking stupid or the nerds who are freaks at math and shit, but me I was considered the emo freak no one likes. Which is partly true considering no one likes me. They stopped calling me an emo freak when I started becoming a bad ass and smoked pot. See there's this thing no one knows about me. Not even you reading this. I'm in a gang with my ex friend Lucy. She was a badass prep you can say but she got killed by another person from a gang. I honesty stopped being apart of the gang a while ago but I'm still in it. The only way you leave is if you die or become a traitor. Which I've done neither. I slowly got out of my bed and out of Lou's arms and ran downstairs. I started making food for me and Lou. Well if he wants to stay. I made eggs and sausage. He came down stairs right as I started eating. He winked at me and looked me up and down then I realized I was still naked. "Creep quit looking at me that way." I said and stuffed my mouth with eggs.

"I'm sorry you're naked and I'm a horny teenage boy." He said sitting down next to me and started eating.

"Technically it's your fault cause you wouldn't let me get dressed last night." I said biting into my sausage.

"Well it was a good decision." He said biting his lip before kissing me. I pushed him off and started eating again.

"Can you let a girl eat first. Plus I'm taking this relationship slowly ok? K." He chuckled and finished his food. "Thank you." I said running upstairs to get dressed. Truth is I would have had sex with him but I'm just not ready. I mean if I wasn't a virgin I would have but I'm just afraid if I let him take it away he'll leave and never talk to me. Sorta like a hit and run. I don't wanna be a hit and run cause then I will actually run him over. Once I got dressed in some sweats and a tank someone knocked on my door. I ran down stairs and opened the door to see Jada and Haley with suit cases and they were crying.

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