Untamable (Dark Louis Fanfic)

I pressed her up against the wall, holding her legs around my waist. I planted kisses along her jawline and down to her neck. I heard her small moan and a smirk grew on my face. I loved the control I had over her. I walked us over to the bed and I set her down, hovering over her. She looked up at me and fluttered her eyelashes. That one innocent gesture made my control snap, and I crashed my lips against hers. She tangled her fingers in my hair, tugging lightly at the strands. I moaned and moved my hands down her sides, stopping right above the waistband of her sweatpants. My name fell repeatedly from her lips as I tugged down the thick, soft material of her sweatpants. She groaned as I returned my hands to her hips, letting my fingers ghost over her skin. I could see the goosebumps raise under my touch, and a shudder ran through her body. She was mine. All mine, and I loved it more than I should've.


3. The Party: Part 2

We pulled up to a big mansion with about a billion cars parked out front. I could feel the nervousness surface in my stomach, and I looked over at Zac, unsure.

"Relax, Ally. It's gonna be alright." He soothed. I gave a slight smile and opened the car door, stepping out into the night. Zac got out as well, and we walked up to the door. I took a deep breath before he opened the door. Immediately, the smell of alcohol hit me like a freight train. I scrunched up my nose, and coughed slightly.

"It smells horrible in there." I said, backing up a bit.

"You'll get used to it. Come on." Zac took my hand, leading me into the large house. I saw people dancing against each other, and couples sloppily making out. I didn't feel comfortable here at all, but I trusted Zac, so I followed him to the kitchen. At least it didn't smell as bad in there.

"I'm going to go see if I can find someone. I'll be right back." Zac said, smiling at me and then walking away. I sighed nervously. 

"Great, I'm alone.." I mumbled to myself. I leaned against the counter, and waited for about 20 minutes. "Where's Zac?" I looked out of the kitchen doorway. I sighed and walked onto the dance floor, looking for him. He was nowhere in sight. I felt my anxiety rising as I pushed farther through the crowd of people.

"Hey there pretty lady, wanna dance?" A slurred voice sounded from behind me. I turned, seeing a light haired boy with brown eyes. He was short, but still muscular, and to be honest, he scared me. I shook my head, feeling my body shaking. 

"N-No. I'm looking for my friend." I said, turning around. Before I could walk away, he had grabbed my wrist. He spun me around and pulled me into his arms. I struggled against him, but he was too strong. 

"I can be your friend. Or I could be more, if you want." He smirked down at me. I gasped as he put his hands on my lower back. 

"L-Let me go!" I pushed against his chest. I heard someone clearing their throat behind me. I couldn't see the person, but I saw the guy's reaction. His eyes widened in.. fear? He immediately let go of me and backed away slowly as if a poisonous snake was behind me, about to strike. I suddenly felt a wave of fear rush over me. Who was behind me? Who scared that guy so much? I slowly turned around, only to be greeted by two blue orbs, staring me down.

The boy had brown hair that went in all directions, but it was still put together. He had tattoos covering his arms, and I could see some more through his thin white v-neck t-shirt. He had a piercing on his eyebrow, and one on his lip. He scared me more than the other guy. 

"T-Thank you." I stuttered. He moved towards me, and I instinctively backed up. I noticed the glint in his eye. Who is he? Why did he help me? So many questions buzzed into my thoughts, and I shook my head slightly to rid my mind of them, focusing on what was happening right now. I looked up at him. He was taller than me by a foot probably.

"No need to thank me. He shouldn't have been touching other peoples toys." He smirked. Toys? What did he mean by that? "Oh, did I forget to mention, you're mine now." I gasped slightly. How was I his? I barely even knew him..

"Wh-What do you mean?" I asked. Every step he moved towards me, I took a step back, until I hit the wall behind me. I turned my head sideways, looking for a place to run, but I was in a corner. He was already closing in on me. 

"I mean exactly what I said, love. You." He paused. "Are" He paused again, finally reaching me and putting his hands on my hips, he leaned towards me, his hot breath tickling the skin on my neck, making me shiver. I could envision the smirk plastered on his face in response to the effect he now had on me. He laughed quietly, and then whispered into my ear, "Mine." 


Here you go. I was too excited to stop writing, so I continued the next chapter right away. Hope you guys enjoy this one. I'm sick at home today, so I'll try to update as much as possible today. ~Maddy <3

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