Untamable (Dark Louis Fanfic)

I pressed her up against the wall, holding her legs around my waist. I planted kisses along her jawline and down to her neck. I heard her small moan and a smirk grew on my face. I loved the control I had over her. I walked us over to the bed and I set her down, hovering over her. She looked up at me and fluttered her eyelashes. That one innocent gesture made my control snap, and I crashed my lips against hers. She tangled her fingers in my hair, tugging lightly at the strands. I moaned and moved my hands down her sides, stopping right above the waistband of her sweatpants. My name fell repeatedly from her lips as I tugged down the thick, soft material of her sweatpants. She groaned as I returned my hands to her hips, letting my fingers ghost over her skin. I could see the goosebumps raise under my touch, and a shudder ran through her body. She was mine. All mine, and I loved it more than I should've.


1. Not So Great Memories(Prologue. Sort of..)

Alex’s P.O.V.

“Hey sweetie, you okay? You look concerned.” My dad asked, placing a hand on my shoulder, keeping his other hand firm on the steering wheel. 

“Yeah im fine, it’s just.. I heard mom saying something about moving..” I said, creasing my eyebrows in a frown. I've always had a good relationship with my dad. I could always talk with him easier than I could my mum. My dad dropped his hand and gave a nervous look at me. I sighed and looked out his window, quick movement catching my eye. A car was heading straight for us. “Dad watch out!” He turned just a split second too late and the car hit full impact on his side. I felt a large jolt and we were sent rolling across the road.

"Alex!" I heard my dad yell out my name, and I cried out as I felt my leg being crushed in between warped metal. The car came to a stop and I frantically looked over to where dad was sitting a few seconds ago, searching for him. I saw his large frame, leaning against the now crumpled seat.

“Dad! Dad are you okay?” I yelled struggling to move. A sharp pain surged up my right leg and I yelped, a tear rolling down my cheek.

“It’s okay sweetie.. I-I’m fine..” He said, his eyes fluttering.

“Dad! No! Stay awake!” Sirens blared in the distance. “You hear that dad? Help is on the way.. So stay with me okay?” He gave a weak nod and I noticed how he was holding his chest. “What happened to your chest, Dad?” I asked worriedly.

“N-Nothing. It’s okay, honey..” I could tell he was lying. His grip began loosening and I completely lost it.

“No! Dad! Don’t go! I love you... You are the only one who understands me.. If I lose you then there is nobody! Please don’t go!” Tears stung my eyes as they streamed down my face. He looked at me, his normally emerald green eyes now dull.

“I love you too sweetie..” I watched as he fell limp, his eyes showing sorrow as they closed forever.

“Dad!” I cried. I was stuck in the passenger seat and couldn’t get to him to hold him. I couldn’t comfort him. The only thing I could do is watch as the life spilled from my father’s body.

I shot up out of bed, frantically looking around. “Dad!” I cried out. My breathing was heavy and uneven as I drew in shaky breaths. Tears covered my pillow and face. I pulled my knees up to my chest. My dad had died when I was only 13. That was nearly 5 years ago, but the memory still haunted my dreams. I sighed and got up from my bed. I grabbed some clothes from my dresser and headed to the bathroom, shutting the door and turning the shower on. I stripped and stepped into the warm water, letting it run down my back. I sighed as it soothed my aches and pains. I washed my hair and body, turning the water off and grabbing my towel.

“Ally! It’s time for work!” I heard my mom yell. I rolled my eyes.

“Can I finish getting ready, mom?” I yelled back, harshness biting at my words.

“Finish and then hustle.” She called, her voice becoming agitated. I sighed and wrapped my towel around myself, drying my hair and letting my brown curls fall into place down my back. I slipped on my black skinny jeans and rolling stones t-shirt and brushed my teeth. I looked at myself in the mirror, the long scar on my collarbone visible. I pulled my hair over to the left, covering the nasty reminder. I dabbed on some make-up and grabbed my bag and my phone, walking downstairs.

“Hey sweetie.” My stepdad greeted me. I stopped in my tracks.

“Don’t call me Sweetie.. Please just don’t.. You’re not my dad and you never will be so just stop..” I picked up some toast and headed for the door.

"Alex, don't speak to your stepfather like that." My mum said strictly. I turned towards her, giving her a short glare.

“I might be late getting home. Elisha has to go to the dentist, so me and Zac have to work half her shift." I said, turning around before she could respond to me. I sighed, and walked to my car, getting in and heading to the DVD store I work at. My mind was buzzing with anticipation, but I didn't know why? I shrugged it off and continued to work.


This first chapter is so you can sorta get to know Alex and her background history before the real drama starts. I hope you guys like this story. I'll try to update soon! ~Maddy <3

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