Untamable (Dark Louis Fanfic)

I pressed her up against the wall, holding her legs around my waist. I planted kisses along her jawline and down to her neck. I heard her small moan and a smirk grew on my face. I loved the control I had over her. I walked us over to the bed and I set her down, hovering over her. She looked up at me and fluttered her eyelashes. That one innocent gesture made my control snap, and I crashed my lips against hers. She tangled her fingers in my hair, tugging lightly at the strands. I moaned and moved my hands down her sides, stopping right above the waistband of her sweatpants. My name fell repeatedly from her lips as I tugged down the thick, soft material of her sweatpants. She groaned as I returned my hands to her hips, letting my fingers ghost over her skin. I could see the goosebumps raise under my touch, and a shudder ran through her body. She was mine. All mine, and I loved it more than I should've.


8. I Want Her

He pushed himself up off the bed and walked over to the wall. I took a step towards him, reaching out to put my hand on his shoulder, but he hit the wall with his fist before I could reach him. I flinched backwards, seeing the hole he had created in the dry wall. 

"L-Louis?" I asked once again. He turned to look at me, and put his hands on my shoulders. 

"Stay here. No matter what you hear. Do you understand?" He searched my eyes for an answer. I nodded, swallowing the lump in my throat. He walked over to the door, and pulled it open forcefully. I watched as he descended down the stairs. I walked to the door frame and strained myself to listen to the words coming from down the stairs.

"So, who's this girl in your room, then?" I heard the woman from earlier, Angela, I think her name was.

"None of your damn business." He spat back at her. I heard her gasp at his cursing.

"She looks so innocent, Louis. Don't ruin her. I thought you had learned your lesson last time." Angela's eyes travel up the stairs, and land on me. She gives a quick sympathetic look, and then turns back to Louis before he notices. My heart drops, and I feel my feet stumble backwards slightly. What? How many girls has he done this to? And what did Angela mean by 'Don't ruin her.'? My thoughts swim around in my head before Louis' voice breaks me from my thoughts.

"This one is different, Angela. I don't know how. I don't know why, but I want her. And I always get what I want." I heard him growl out. The words coming out of his mouth send chills down my spine. Why did he even choose me? There were plenty of other girls that were way better looking at that party. The question rumbles through my thoughts, but once again, a voice shatters my mind process.

"Just be careful, okay? This one seems a bit more fragile than you might think she is." Angela sighs in defeat, most likely referring to seeing me just now. I hear Louis' footsteps coming up the stairs, and I scramble to sit down on the bed. As soon as he walks in he seems more calm for some reason. But he was just talking angrily to Angela.. What is with this boy and his mood swings? 

"Do you like the bed?" Louis smirked at me. I looked down at the sheets of the bed, and ran my hand across the soft covers. I nodded slightly, and felt the bed dip down beside me. I looked over at Louis, seeing the mischievous smirk spread across his lips. "I'm glad you do." He whispered. Before I knew what was happening, Louis rolled sideways, and was hovering over me. I felt my heartbeat skyrocket as his blue gaze glimmered down at me, his hair like a curtain on either side of his face.The pale light streaming through the blinds of the window hit his face, making perfect stripes across his eyes and his lips. I felt goosebumps rise on the skin of my arms and legs, and Louis tugged his lip ring in between his teeth. 

I shouldn't have found that extremely attractive, but I did. He looked like an angel hovering above me, but I could tell he was more of a fallen angel. He leaned forward ever so slightly and put his lips on mine so lightly its as if he thought my lips were made of glass that would shatter at the slightest touch. I knew he was teasing me, and he was succeeding. It was killing me inside to be this close and have him so far away. I think I'm falling for him. I'm falling for Louis Tomlinson. With that realization, I pulled my head up from the bed and crashed my lips to his. I felt his smirk against my lips, as his mouth moved in sync with mine. I felt the heat return to burn my stomach to a crisp as the butterflies slowly charred into beautiful cinders that formed more and more butterflies. He slid his tongue across my bottom lip, and parted my lips with his. Our tongues wrestled for dominance, and eventually, I let Louis take control. He flipped us over so I was on top of him, straddling his waist.

"I rather like this position." He growled into my ear. I felt myself shiver as he moved his hands down my back, resting them just above my jeans. His lips pressed onto my neck as he moved his hips underneath me. I felt a moan escape my lips, and Louis smirked against my neck. I cursed under my breath as he whispered into my ear, "You like that?" His voice had lowered dramatically, and his eyes had become dark. He moved his hips again, but this time he made sure to press himself against me. I sucked in a sharp, uneven breath and gulped, feeling my pulse accelerate even more. I met his gaze, and as usual, he wore a smirk on his plump lips. His eyes had somewhat returned to their normal bright blue color.

He planted soft kisses against my neck, and made a trail to the spot under my ear. He nibbled lightly on my earlobe, and I struggled to stifle another moan. He continued his assault on my neck, and left a trail of kisses to my jawline, and finally ending at my lips. He gave my lips a small kiss, and then pushed himself up, letting me slide off of him. I was still shaking from the feeling of his lips on mine, and he walked over to me. He smiled and led me to the bed. I layed down and he followed, pulling the covers over us. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled my back against his chest. 

"Goodnight, babe." He whispered seductively, leaving me with a kiss on the shoulder. My mind was still fuzzy, as I drifted off to sleep, but one question remained in my head. Why me?

"Ally Bear! How's my sweet girl doing?" My father's voice drifted from the doorway of my bedroom. I looked up to see his figure standing there. 

"Dad! Where were you? It's late. Momma's already in bed." I jumped from my own bed and ran to him to hug him. 

"I was finishing some work in my office. Nothing to worry about, honey." He smiled down at me. I met his gaze, and the scene changed from my bedroom to the car crash. 

"Dad! Dad! Stay with me, dad! Help is on the way, dad, just please! Don't die... I.. I love you." I cried as he fell limp.

Once again, the scene switched, this time to dad's funeral.

"We are here today to mourn the tragic loss of Robert Sanders, who was taken from this world too early. He left behind a wife and a daughter. We must keep them in our prayers to help them through these hard times." I felt a tear roll down my cheek. Another scene change, and I was standing in my living room arguing with my stepfather. He yelled at me, and slapped me across my face. Once he realized he had hit me, he called out my name.

"Alex! Alex! Alex!"

"Alex! Alex! Alex, wake up!" Louis shook me, and I bolted upwards, breathing heavily. i could feel the tears in my eyes. "Alex, are you alright?" He asked, looking me in my eyes.

"Y-Yeah I'm f-fine. Just a nightm-mare." I sighed, and fell back against the pillows. 

"As long as you're alright." Louis stroked my hair. 

"Y-Yeah." I whispered, closing my eyes again. My subconscious screamed out frantically, begging for someone to hear her, You aren't okay! I decided to ignore her and go back to sleep, but I couldn't sleep, in fear of another nightmare.

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